Mexican Administration

I do not doubt, that its roll has been positive where has been called on to them at the same time to toil, to put in practice its knowledge and, that other institutions of level superior like the ITESM and others universities of the region know that in the region professionals occur who withdraw with a proactive leadership, a new vision on the responsibilities, commitments by a country that every time demand of a professional excellence that guarantees to him, changes, transformations for its development. We hope, that these withdrawn have demonstrated, that its roll has been very positive in the collaboration to it solutions that the state again Leon, especially Monterrey, has confronted, that its contribution in addition has collaborated in which the region has defined that profile of the masters in administration and industrial engineering with its respective mentions that are needed. To many of first withdrawn, them memory, that in our abiertas classes, in which always we looked for methodology of nontradional learning, innovating, especially in the subjects of markets, Problematic of the Mexican Administration, between some, we committed ourselves to that the provided knowledge, were pronounced with its applicability in all those opportunities, problems that they would present/display, of such form that we maintained the innovation, the contribution of new knowledge according to the Mexican reality always dynamic, to its commitments according to its needs, openings and behavior of the markets according to the behavior of the globalisation. The chairs always maintained the preoccupation, because the content was based not only on the requirements of the productive sector of the country, but the distributed knowledge could be applied to the Venezuelan reality. It was considered, was taken very into account at the time of his design, the restlessness, experiences lived by the participants. Often, they were distributed, not only in the classrooms of classes formal, became in informal meetings, was to reach in this way, a true cohesion of equipment, motivated, where each member carries out a significant roll in the success of the learning, all it jeopardize in reaching a level of academic excellence.