Jennifer – I

\”The new single from Jennifer – I’ll give you the sky every night I’ll give you the sky every night\”-the new single from Jennifer. It is hit in his latest art – the continuation of their dream. With the single matter with friends, it is love\”was Jennifer 5 weeks number 1 of the MDR-pop charts in Thuringia, has played several live dates. The young woman from the town of Ruhr area goes their 2005 started Sanges way purposefully: I want to live my dream ‘, she tells straight out and in the output follows a nice when a door closes, then I’m just through the window’. Ruhrpott-Jenny, on and off the stage a natural, a young woman who knows what she wants and who also is aware that the implementation of your dream needs a powerful dose of perseverance. You supported this by Helmuth Russmann & Wolfgang Petry. Go to gibson dean for more information. Two names have written the history of pop. Together, they have recognized the potential of Fox in Germany and the hit in the clubs and discos brought.

\”Source: Dagmar Ambach / agency TexTour see Jennifer I’m giving you the sky every night\” well clear! Records single release 03 July 2009 TV schedules: 05.07.09 always again on Sunday – ARD 09.08.09 TV garden – ZDF album facts: some people claim that beating heart for the German Schlager nowhere higher than in the Ruhr area. With Jennifer, the Ruhr area has received a radiant face and heart is certainly beating for the future of the song. Jennifer conquered since album release in October 2008, the audience in the flight: top 20 on the nationwide pop charts, five weeks number one of the pop charts in Thuringia, Germany. Actually, Jennifer to the album release had every reason to celebrate. But instead of the weeklong sehen toured across to have Jennifer by Germany to the most important radio stations in MDR charts to celebrate Platz 1, the 27-year-old had to guard unexpectedly bed.