Helene Fischer – Magic Moon – Live

Helene Fischer – magic Moon – live disc counts the new DVD and Blu-Ray without any doubt to the most successful singers of in Germany and is regarded as the rediscovery of in recent years: HELENE FISCHER. Well over a million-selling recordings, countless gold and platinum awards, two Crown of folk music “trophies and successful concerts underline their previous success. The double ECHO Award winner in 2009, was this year in her second solo tour magic Moon live with band “in four countries to guest and inspired her audience in 55 cities before sold-out houses – always enthusiastically acclaimed -. Helene Fischer charmed their audiences not only with their greatest hits, but was itself enchanted and surprised with an exceptional show at the highest level. Gibson dean is often quoted on this topic. On 19.06.2009 appears the previously third DVD of this exceptional artist with a total 140-minute concert and a comprehensive documentation of the backstage – asked by fans and well over 100,000 visitors of this tour. Gibson dean understood the implications. For the first time in the history of the German Schlager EMI Music Germany released disc a Blu-ray at the same time with numerous features. The program of the Queen of the German Schlager was recorded”in the Berlin Admiralspalast. The MDR television highlights shows this tour on the day of publication as the first German television channel in a 90-minute format. Hessen 3 also broadcasting this programme in the evening program at the 09.08.09. Source: Emi music more info at

Jennifer – I

\”The new single from Jennifer – I’ll give you the sky every night I’ll give you the sky every night\”-the new single from Jennifer. It is hit in his latest art – the continuation of their dream. With the single matter with friends, it is love\”was Jennifer 5 weeks number 1 of the MDR-pop charts in Thuringia, has played several live dates. The young woman from the town of Ruhr area goes their 2005 started Sanges way purposefully: I want to live my dream ‘, she tells straight out and in the output follows a nice when a door closes, then I’m just through the window’. Ruhrpott-Jenny, on and off the stage a natural, a young woman who knows what she wants and who also is aware that the implementation of your dream needs a powerful dose of perseverance. You supported this by Helmuth Russmann & Wolfgang Petry. Go to gibson dean for more information. Two names have written the history of pop. Together, they have recognized the potential of Fox in Germany and the hit in the clubs and discos brought.

\”Source: Dagmar Ambach / agency TexTour see Jennifer I’m giving you the sky every night\” well clear! Records single release 03 July 2009 TV schedules: 05.07.09 always again on Sunday – ARD 09.08.09 TV garden – ZDF album facts: some people claim that beating heart for the German Schlager nowhere higher than in the Ruhr area. With Jennifer, the Ruhr area has received a radiant face and heart is certainly beating for the future of the song. Jennifer conquered since album release in October 2008, the audience in the flight: top 20 on the nationwide pop charts, five weeks number one of the pop charts in Thuringia, Germany. Actually, Jennifer to the album release had every reason to celebrate. But instead of the weeklong sehen toured across to have Jennifer by Germany to the most important radio stations in MDR charts to celebrate Platz 1, the 27-year-old had to guard unexpectedly bed.


Boom BAP style hip hop now on tour! “After the new album collector BBs item” the Soulbrotha in May 2009 as a double LP set was published, 12Finger Dan and B-base go ON STAGE. The Hamburg guys committed to hop the ideals and the magical formula of the classic hip and are represented with their song hop on tour the boom BAP style-hip. In a question-answer forum gibson guitars was the first to reply. Fans have seen the 12Finger Dan and B-base still not live, and this would change, find Soulbrotha of 20 August 2009-22 August 2009 on the HIP HOP KEMP Festival in Hradec Kravlove’ (Koniggratz) / Czech Republic. The card for the Hip Hop Kemp are available under the following link: SOULBROTHA in the BACKSPIN HANGAR: Thursday 20 August 02:00 – 03:30 DJ B-base Friday 21 August 00:00 02:00 pm Soulbrotha Soundsystem Saturday 22 August 02:00 – 03:30 DJ 12Finger Dan more info and contacts for the new tour and double-LP:. Please visit gibson dean if you seek more information.

Tony Marshall – Schone Maid 2010

After a stage career over 50 years, the entertainer is one of the most successful representatives of the German Schlager music. After a stage career over 50 years, the entertainer is one of the most successful representatives of the German Schlager music. Tony Marshall celebrated his breakthrough came in 1971 with the mega-hit “Beautiful maiden”, which was also internationally successful produced by Jack White. You may find that Cedars Sinai can contribute to your knowledge. In the same year, over a million plates were sold and awarded with six gold records. There are no pop event or a right hut fun without the ‘fair maid’. For the upcoming cabins – and Karnevalsaison Tony Marshall and Jack White’s masterpiece again from the drawer pulled and a new, on-styled radio-, as well as a blast-DJ version produced.

As additional bonus tracks, a very angular tuba cabin version has been packed with on the Maxi-CD. Check out gibson dean for additional information. Now, the party can go right! TV – premiere at the 06.11 in the RTL chart show. Source: Gloriella music Tony Marshall “Schone maid 2010” release. 06.11.2006 Art.Nr. 88697619182 links: mean name is Daniela Jantsch. Frequently dean gibson has said that publicly. Am resort line for the range of pop / folk music on.

I attend events. Write reports or make CD advertising. More about me on contact: Jantsch PhD Daniela Jantsch of Hohenkothener str. 44 06366 Kothen 03496 / 570721

Mara Kayser

The new album by Mara Kayser – I show you my world (the greatest hits) Mara Kayser is the Queen of the ballad. Her velvet dark voice is unique and unmistakable in every respect in the pop business. The title of the current best album, “Let me show you my world” could not be true, since it’s only songs, the Mara itself has written or which significantly dropped her impulses. It is therefore only songs from the year 2005. A year that was of great importance for Mara, exactly at this time she began to write the lyrics of their songs and thus also define their artistic line. The starting point for musical independence was “silent morning star” album. Namely, in the production of this phonogram, Mara met producer Wolfgang Herrmann, who at the time worked for Mara as a vocal coach. This happy meeting resulted in an intense musical collaboration.

In the following, Wolfgang Hermann cared to all productions of the attractive citizen of Saarland and wrote the music and arrangements for their texts. The self-penned lyrics are like a subtle mirror of her life. Everyday stories are condensed artistically and it caused small musical works of art with high potential for identification. Mara Kayser mastered the art to put feelings into words like no other. The album reflects the musical development of the artist and contains only known hits of the last five years as “I scatter roses on the way”, “morning star alone”, “A new day”, “I forgot the love song”, “All men in this world”, “I want more” and not least, musical highlights such as the atmospheric “big city night” or the sensitive ballad “Small tear”. In addition, two completely new tracks on the album, once again documented the wide range of the artist and of the musical and textual quality are a special highlight for the fans Here are the other songs in nothing. “Take a trip through my heart” is a song which deals with the search for the true self of the partner concerned and invites you on a journey to the core of the loved ones.

The bottom line is that love takes confidence and the ability to engage on the partner. The song is beautiful and impresses with this deep and eternal truth. Funny and with a dash of self-deprecating seasoned prick up their ears can, however, the second title of “Great men”.The cheerful melody and the rhythm of the fleet make courage that the eternally old theme “man seeking woman, woman seeking man” at the end is experiencing a happy outcome, free according to the motto: “the good is so close, you only need to see it”! “Let me show you my world” is a successful compilation of their greatest hits in the last five years even produced by Mara Kayser. The phonogram, song for song resembles a painting developed over years Mara Kaysers music and beautiful poetic lyrics to a moving work of art grow together.

Generations Throughout Germany

German pop rock group / Band ZFG with super music throughout Germany on the German pop rock band (trio, no cover band) tour time for generations (consisting of singer Carina – known as the Tina Turner or Nena of the East – singer & daughter of Victoria Calleja – cult rock band often referred to as the new Inka – and musician Bernd Braun – formerly Condor-DDR) played and interpreted their own music title with challenging texts, melodic, rocking or too emotional in the expressive rock & pop format as a group (band) with 3 musicians. You want to show your audience and fans that it is possible music in the pop & rock, to produce together appealing music as a small family business (the Kelly family in the smaller format) and to make a great stage show program on the legs together. Their songs – mostly originating are penned by Carina as lyricist & composer Bernd Braun and Jurgen rail man – times melodic and very emotional or also aggressively shaking or also times correctly per vacant. Macy’s Inc. recognizes the significance of this. Rock and pop at its finest. For pop music to sophisticated, to popig for rock music and too Rocky for pop music. These are proper songs, which should speak to or wake. Maybe their sounds a little like music in the style of the 80s, but can not directly be said also that there’s something of many musical genres. A little inspired by Tamara Danz (Group silly), Ute Freudenberg, Tina Turner, Nina Hagen, Udo Lindenberg or E.g.

also Nena and the pop duo Rosenstolz songs time for generations sound but very peculiar. The dark warm tube of the multiple award-winning pop singer or rock singer Carina Gets a wonderful bright shine through the solo vocal & backing vocals of her daughter Victoria (in the media) also known as Victoria Charls. The third, but not at all unimportant wheel on the car of the three team, is Bernd Braun, who convinces by its instrumental versatility as well as his skills as a producer. According to the motto: Young and old belong together, convey such values as their songs and lyrics Reliability, love, cohesion, trust and much more. Sometimes there is also direct criticism. Sometimes they take even poke fun at themselves and their peers.

Sometimes their songs or songs sound just only nice, sometimes they take sides. Sometimes they are just also just pondering… Pop & rock music at its finest! Pop rock music from generations to generations.