Management Sciences

The activity of the Chambers of videoconferencing on the internet should be subject to planning, on the subject have been made little research aimed to deepen the knowledge of the relationships which are established between planning and the process of creation of conferences with your partners and customers. The existence of boards of videoconferencing in general seeking communication with many people in real time allows you to build on related paradigms, essentially from the Management Sciences, to carry out studies related to the object. This matter is an expression of news if you consider the principle that video conferencing rooms are calls to meet the informational needs of partners and customers of your business, starting from its communicative, as part of a social group, which owns needs, concerns, tastes and preferences in a product or service that you can offer them. The fulfilment of this purpose involves the adaptation of procedures such as planning, which has the virtue of guide action towards the goal proposed by each person, but with the possibility of knowing what could happen in thereafter. The fact that this subject has few known investigative history, means that the results of his study constitute a novelty, because by putting clear relations between planning and communication activities generated in video conferencing rooms, reaching a new knowledge, which allows you to discover positive and negative characteristics of those relationships. DesarrolloLa planning is used in almost all human activities to achieve the intended purposes; in the halls of videoconferences, as part of the communication between the employer and persons to which offers a service or product. Video conferencing rooms lead to assume that communication must conceive it as essential in all human activity, because it is a tool capable of predicting the future, indicate the steps that should be given at the right time to achieve the desired purpose, and It also allows control over the process that runs in any action of man. It can be inferred that the journalistic activity has the possibility of planning, because much of the information displayed, come from other people’s experiences. The possibility of planning meetings, which constitute the majority of the business by Internet or physical, creates conditions to facilitate growth of a business.