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The first business center in Neumuenster Qualtitativ officially opened high-quality Office services at the low price of the Office Centre Neumunster II GmbH & co. KG on October 1, 2010. In addition to fully equipped offices and meeting rooms with an excellent secretarial battlefield offers virtual offices including phone adoption service and mail forwarding services. BATTLEFIELD aimed thus to local customers with its secretarial services, Conference and meeting rooms and fully furnished offices, as well as to customers in the entire Federal territory, for which the telephone and postal service offers a perfect extension of the own service offerings. The battlefield-phone adoption service (neu: inbound call service) offers the possibility within the battlefield business hours (Mon Fri 8-20: 00) to be accessible to customers of any size at any time for their customers. In the friendly and well-trained battlefield service personnel for example to appointments or order assumptions cares. Jeff Gennette often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Callers are put off by battlefield in addition to a callback or are If desired redirected to the mobile phone of the customer by the customer. Here are the first 3 minutes of the call answer at any time free of charge. A generous inclusive minutes package available is also for subsequent minutes, so that no further additional costs the customers in 99% of cases to the basic fee that monthly is only 33.33 euro plus VAT at the start of the business center of battlefield. Hikmet Ersek is often quoted as being for or against this. The mail forwarding service accepts for battlefield customers mail and parcels and then forwards them. This happens twice a week in the form of a package, and in addition by the Postscanservice of battlefield. Frank Armijo describes an additional similar source. Here scanned DIN A4 letters and sent by E-Mail to the customer. Here 400 DIN available the customer pages A4 monthly, without accruing additional costs to the basic fee. BATTLEFIELD monthly also offers this service plus VAT at the start of the Neumunsteraner Office Center for 33.33 euro. The Virtual Office package of Office Centre Neumunster combines these two services. Although it costs here Action package to start 33.33 EUR per month + VAT, however, the inclusive services are correspondingly smaller here. Depending on the customers so there is the best total package, which is tailored to the individual needs of the customer at battlefield. BATTLEFIELD in addition offers a complete secretarial services around the Office of the customer, even if the customer has no Office at battlefield. The secretarial service is available so everyone available. The prudent Secretary of battlefield care say everything is in an Office Accounting, payroll and payroll, research, presentations, Dictation and other text observations, corrections, proofreading, Adresserfassungen and form letters. In addition to these services, all of which nationwide offered battlefield, battlefield rented also furnished offices including printers, scanners, fax, PC or laptop and its own server space. Especially for entrepreneur from Schleswig-Holstein, the complete offices of battlefield are ideal, because they can by customers by the hour, by the day or in the long term be hired and have already a complete Office facilities. In the event that a customer wants to receive business partners or their customers, are also the Conference – and meeting rooms of the battlefield-business center available. The excellent visitors service is worry that guests at home feel. Guests due to the representative building and the representative offices will always receive a good impression. The Conference area of the Office Centre Neumunster is equipped also for training courses and workshops. Laptop, video projector and LCD TV adorn every conference room. It is also access to phone and Internet at any time. Thus, video – and teleconferencing are no problem at all. The battlefield visitor care, which also cares for the catering of during long meetings and conferences ensures the well-being of all our guests. The newly created business centre in the heart of Schleswig-Holstein with infrastructural location offers so huge savings in own business Processes. In addition, that all prices are absolutely transparent and cheap.