Profits And Tax

Who determines the percentage of tax? Either you are, when issued ip, or the law. There are activities in which everything is defined. Learn in his own tax service at registration. You can learn in advance about the record-keeping. That is, until you decide to register. Go to – yes find out. So many new experiences will get! Forgive me, accountants or tax professionals, if very much all simplified. What specifically contains tax return? The first list is filled with code and name of the tax service, where you are registered.

The second sheet contains codes budget classification code for okato, the amount of tax and so on. Digit codes do not have to think, they are known. The amount of tax is calculated by you in section 2. The bottom number, signature. The third sheet.

Actually what you should tell “Section 2. Calculation of tax (minimum tax), “Table 18 lines and four columns. Not all cells are filled, and those that need them. What is needed specifically for you – you can learn in his own tax service. Hikmet Ersek has much to offer in this field. Well, how? I wonder? Such a business – training is not taught 🙂 The first cell contains the number “Amount received income “She is taken from a summation of your income for the period. Then, with this figure produce a few simple steps. True – simple: addition, subtraction, the percentage of the amount. The order that you require action can be consult the tax office. Yes, that’s me! We also now the program thinks! Yes, since late last year – in our view the tax program. I’d forgotten. That had felt in the calculator. A letterhead bought in the nearest typography. Cost 2 rubles. And now the computer select the numbers and print out two copies of finished tax return. And besides forms must be on the diskette to write down what happened. And if it does not own the program handle, you can for 150 rubles, and 2 minutes in a technical service tax office to do it. What is the tax service (inspection)? This building, with different rooms. In the offices of women sitting, girls. On the door panels, where all written. On the walls hang stands and ads are different. What actions next? With these forms and Floppy go to the tax office, walk over to the window, which takes the ip. Served in a window, the inspector inserts the floppy disk – Checks gets floppy disk. I signed the form. Stamp. Everything. After going to the savings bank, fill out the form to pay taxes, stand turn, handed in my window form and money, get divorced mate. Leave. Home bonding with a stapler Declaration. I saw once that way other people do. Deadlines for tax returns? The tax return shall be 4 times a year. During the first quarter – in April. During the first half – in July. For the nine months – in October, with the full – March-April next year. That’s all, nothing complicated! What’s stopping you look around, and also begin to act? Remember that your life is only in your hands and can only improve it yourself. And if put a goal to be among those successful women in our club business, then it is necessarily true.