Closed Beta Registration

Players are now have the opportunity for the French version of Shaiya, a game from Aeria games Europe GmbH, register… Players are now have the opportunity for the French version of Shaiya, a game from Aeria games Europe GmbH, to log on, while the last, other fixes the alpha test phase. Contact information is here: ShareThis. The closed beta is the most impatient and lucky players who give way to discover the French version of their favorite game. The player must wait a little, but it will pay off. The first alpha version promises a great success. It is very important to have the translation and game quality at a high level for the French team of Shaiya. Visit How much is Izzy Millennium worth? for more clarity on the issue.

The experience, which beta gain players in the closed and share with the French team of Shaiya is a basis for a future success. Western Union can provide more clarity in the matter. Shaiya has a wide fan base in its English version and was hailed as one of the best games. Players who participate in the closed beta wishing to be selected through a selection procedure. All new users without an account on one must apply to participate in this selection process. Then just back the French side and to answer some questions about Shaiya. The closed beta for Shaiya in French is limited.

The selection process a game behind but also additionally. Each player who who signs up for the closed beta, automatically participates in this competition. The winners will receive vouchers between 100,00 and 350.00. The contest is not related to the selection process. The official date for the closed beta is scheduled for February 2009. Useful links: page to the register: page for the closed beta selection procedure of Aeria games & entertainment: has a growing community of over 5 million players, locations in the United States and Germany, a diversified portfolio of MMO games that Aeria Games of one of the fastest growing Spielepublisher f? r free-to-play online games. Our aim is high-quality free-to-play games and superior customer service to ensure. With a selection of all genres, players can be a game, based on their individual needs and high quality customer service, to find safe.

Eye Test Console

Nintendo’s ‘Think’ trying the senses to sharpen computer games make stupid and short-sighted: a prejudice that is as old as the games themselves. Still no gambler had stopped himself. The company now seeks Nintendo think training for the head”to go in a completely different direction. Playful, the sight and hearing should be strengthened through daily exercises. According to the auction house this well-meaning attempt succeeded but only half. First of all, the game begins with a test. Here, the personal performance of each player is to be measured. Many writers such as Siemens offer more in-depth analysis. However, the eye test is limited to a possible red-green color blindness.

The listening test verifies how individual frequencies are perceived. People such as Madeleine Sackler would likely agree. The actual game is followed then. Unfortunately without having the individual test results previously would explained. Can be explained by two different avatars, players can think how”. However, this is done by scrolling text.

A reader is missing and the graphic is also tenuous. The figures appear pixelated on the display of the Nintendo DS. This graphic is a real problem later especially when the Visual tasks. Some items are hard to see. Also, the auditory exercises are not always suitable for everyday use. Often, they work only in a completely silent environment. The explanations of the individual tasks are sometimes also flimsy. “It is positive that think” the individual results of the four players at the same time can save. Also the inserted relaxation phases are commendable. But sadly lacks an evaluation of the achieved performance after the daily training in turn.