Eye Test Console

Nintendo’s ‘Think’ trying the senses to sharpen computer games make stupid and short-sighted: a prejudice that is as old as the games themselves. Still no gambler had stopped himself. The company now seeks Nintendo think training for the head”to go in a completely different direction. Playful, the sight and hearing should be strengthened through daily exercises. According to the auction house auvito.de this well-meaning attempt succeeded but only half. First of all, the game begins with a test. Here, the personal performance of each player is to be measured. Many writers such as Siemens offer more in-depth analysis. However, the eye test is limited to a possible red-green color blindness.

The listening test verifies how individual frequencies are perceived. People such as Madeleine Sackler would likely agree. The actual game is followed then. Unfortunately without having the individual test results previously would explained. Can be explained by two different avatars, players can think how”. However, this is done by scrolling text.

A reader is missing and the graphic is also tenuous. The figures appear pixelated on the display of the Nintendo DS. This graphic is a real problem later especially when the Visual tasks. Some items are hard to see. Also, the auditory exercises are not always suitable for everyday use. Often, they work only in a completely silent environment. The explanations of the individual tasks are sometimes also flimsy. “It is positive that think” the individual results of the four players at the same time can save. Also the inserted relaxation phases are commendable. But sadly lacks an evaluation of the achieved performance after the daily training in turn.

Controversial Move

My books suggest that sometimes there are situations, especially in boats against several players, where you should delay your climb with a good hand. The idea is that keeping the pot small and hiding your hand, you have someone bet on the next street, letting it go now. (Sometimes the situation is that you bet, and another will rise.) Found criticism that recommendation because it does not take the opportunity to extract maximum value from worse hands. Critics say it is better to climb on the streets first and then the following bet. It is beyond question that is often the best alternative. It depends on the exact situation. But we think our play has a higher EV in more situations than most people realize.

Fortunately, the reader can see that the debate around the fact that our play makes less money when you win, but win jackpots more often. Is it profitable to give up profits to increase chances of winning? This is usually a very complicated question. What I do here is to propose a very simple model that corresponds to the situation even approximate. Imagine that the bet is $ 100 and have a hand that has a 60% chance of defeating the two rivals. The first opponent passes, the next bet and I turn comes. If you upload, both will pay. In the next street you will return to bet and be paid for both. So after the first two streets, each one of you will have put $ 300 into the pot (assuming you do not put anything before).