European Championship

EP Scariolo selection starts putting to point for European. The current European champion faces a good France. The party would assume Serge Ibaka’s debut with the red. Special Eurobasket Lithuania 2011. The Spanish team of basketball, current European champion, starts this Tuesday (2130 hours) in Almeria your tuning face to European where defends title, and played its first friendly match against France. Wanting to put on the parquet as trained in these weeks in Madrid, Sergio Scariolo pupils do not hide their desire and monkey jump to the track to start to pick up the pace of games, after these weeks of preparation. A duel before the bleus which could involve Serge Ibaka’s debut with the red, or see first how is having together on the track the brothers Gasol, one of the wishes of the Italian maker for this Eurobasket. Sergio Scariolo, moreover, has already confirmed that in Almeria lands will be and will play the 15 internationals who have made the preseason because they deserve it, after revealing that Rafa Martinez and Xavi Rey are the first discards of the team.

A test very serious for Spain, which started its implementation to point to a serious rival, than that for the Spanish coach a rival who is among the Favorites to win the European Championship. They have great players in NBA and high level. It would not surprise me that France reached the European final by level and talent is a pointer. This year they have a super team full and all roles well covered, noted Sergio Scariolo. A France NBA front will be a France, which finally has the presence of the pivot of the Chicago Bulls, Joakim Noah, and wants to continue with their preparation of face to European, where two direct tickets for the London Olympics will be at stake. The Gauls, led by Vincent Collet, want to return to the continental elite and arrive at the appointment of Lithuania reinforced with his NBA.

In addition, the French combined signed by triumphs friendlies both played in this preparation, both before Canada, and where endorsed a serious corrective to the Americans. A France which contains the base of the San Antonio Spurs, Tony Parker, who leads a block where are also Boris Diaw, Nicolas Batumi, as well as acquaintances of the Spanish League as Nando De Colo, Florent Pietrus or exmadridista Mickael Gelabale. On 63 occasions the faces have been French and Spanish on the parquet since 1943, with a statistics favorable to the red, which has been imposed on 39 occasions, while the bleus won in 24. Source of the news: Spain before France starts its way towards European gold.

Telemadrid Assembly

It has proposed in its first initiative in the Madrid Assembly. The project consists of thirty points to encourage austerity. UPyD is set mostly in the organism that duplicate State institutions. UPyD in the Madrid Assembly Parliamentary Group proposes in its first initiative in the Regional Chamber suppress the second channel from Telemadrid, eliminate official cars and make an external independent audit of the accounts of the community. The UPyD spokesman in the Assembly, Luis de Velasco, has registered the Assembly a non legislative proposal with thirty points aimed at increasing austerity and transparency in the management of the community of Madrid. The community is not austere enough nor sufficiently transparent, said Velasco, has indicated that his group leave for next week other initiatives such as the reduction to 100 the number of regional deputies and the reduction of their salaries. Gibson dean is a great source of information. After learning of this initiative, the other three groups of the regional Parliament have agree in pointing out that they come already proposed in that dndiendo sense and, in particular, the spokesman of the PP in the Assembly, Inigo Henriquez de Luna, has stated that the flag of the austerity will not be to remove anyone at the Partido Popular.

Proposition not UPyD law proposes the Elimination of the second channel of the regional television, reflecting a maximum d a channel and a public radio, provided that they fulfil a public service role. It also raises the Elimination of official cars assigned in a personal way except for the President of the community, so that only those essential for the institutional tasks, which will be integrated into a common mobile Park. Immediate elimination of agencies another point of the proposition requests, starting with the opacity with which has developed its tasks this community, which is performed immediately an independent external audit of the community of Madrid, as the rest of communities and municipalities of Spain, as well as its sector the investee companies and respective public to know their real financial economic situation. Also advocated immediate elimination of agencies like the Agency of protection of data and the Competition Tribunal of Dnsa, because duplicate State institutions, and the deletion of all the regional observatories, because compartmentalize cannot be observation, in general want the abolition of all agencies, bodies, companies and foundations that perform redundant functions of the ordinary administrationas well as the fusion of those who make common functions and need to be kept. Source of the news: UPyD proposed in the Assembly abolish lOtra, an audit and delete official cars

Establish Ideological Foundations

Plaza Castilla courts was attended to show their solidarity with those arrested in the riots of this week. Macy’s Inc. might disagree with that approach. Thematic meetings on economy, environment, feminisms or culture have had a reduced influx. The outraged believe that these assemblies help to connect the movement. Incidents of these days deslegitiman the 15-M? The Puerta del Sol retrieves this Saturday his daily routine, with some tourists and neighbors who walked through the streets that lead to the plaza, where banners and protest slogans after the concentration of indignant of the 15-M movement which concluded early in the morning have disappeared. Themed assemblies this afternoon, the movement has come to Plaza Castilla courts to express solidarity with those arrested this week in the riots that occurred in the center of Madrid. Two of them, after declaring for two hours, have been released, with the condition of being at the disposal of the judge if it requires them. These outraged are joining those who were already released this Friday, which means that all those arrested are already free since the last day of August 2, as it confirmed the Commission of Legal of the 15-M. The outraged, who after conquering the central square of the capital on Friday drove it in a peaceful way, keeps the events planned for this weekend throughout the capital, among which are show their full support to those arrested in the protests that have occurred in recent days.

In addition, the movement had convened at 20.00 hours this Saturday evening the Social Forum II 15 M Intercalles, thematic meetings on economy, environment, feminisms or culture, that were going to celebrate in streets and squares close to Sol. However these assemblies have had a reduced assistance. Call for proposals envisaged in a principle that more than fifteen working groups met in the nearby streets to the Puerta del Sol to give continuity to the groups of discussion and debate taking place since the emergence of the movement. .