Effective Communication

Communication and language always impressed me the language and the use that we make of him. Perhaps because it is something every day, we use it since we are born and why not give the importance that has. It is regrettable that we can not sit to think about what we do with our words, since with them we can build or destroy. A spoken word is like an arrow released, never again to your place, can exalt praise, support or motivate someone and likewise can hurt, offend and even destroy. We use the language and the word to communicate to us, but we are not aware of what we are communicating, the message we give. It is so important that he could attributing our good or bad social relations, couple or family. If it’s serious, but more serious still is our own inability to see it. If we had so clear where our words and the depths that touch for good or for evil in the heart and the feelings of others then arrive would be much more careful when we use them, and We aprovechariamos to reinforce, positive things in others.

The bad misunderstandings do happen? How and why are there? There is only one way of seeing reality, said in other words, we see things according to our own personality, from our own personal angle, therefore our vision is parcializada, or incomplete. We believe the possessors of the truth, we assume that everyone sees things in the same way as we do and let me tell you that there are two mistakes in this approach. Every one who sees the reality, since their own way to do it, from its history, and their previous experiences, from his subjectivity, according to their own interests and attitudes. On the other hand the second error is in believing that we see as reality and as it is, but not so we have a perception to speak in any way and such as we saw in the example of the picture of the hand, skewed the facts.