Spiritual Art With Eye Floaters

The heading ‘Images of the quarter’ of the newsletter in this issue: Spiritual art with entoptic phenomena “I – joy of love” by Justine Felix painting as an act of transformation: when Justine Felix paints, holding visionary impressions it, as cosmic vibrations or timeless energies flowing through them. Accordingly, the artist from Mannheim understands their works as energy, or soul healing images that should ensure when it meditates, access to the hidden and initiate a process of healing and consciousness development underway. I am the image”is concrete and abstract forms in a dreamy interplay. A female angelic beings is surrounded by a wavy environment. In recent months, dean gibson has been very successful. Their outer appearances, hair and clothes go gently in two vertebrae.

This she considered three clearly prominent blue balls, which are available in a double connection with her: for one, she observed the balls with her also deep blue eyes; on the other hand, it seems to let them rise from her hand. Centrally located in all three dimensions is the large double membrane-ball; in the middle of the image and some events blanketing, partially obscured by him, is still unaffected by all. How while watching the eye floaters is the relationship between spectator and the glowing balls no physical but an intra sensual. At fender you will find additional information. None of the balls is touched, the Exchange is done via a connection by seeing and feeling, represented by eye and hand. This feeling seeing is the will of the Viewer, to affect the flying balls on an energetic level down to those one becoming perhaps, seeking to realize also the seers (see the manual) with the mouches volantes. Justine Felix: I’m joy of love (mixed media, acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100 cm) you will find these images in the Gallery, as well as in the Forum, where they are available for discussion. You have your own drawings of mouches volantes or other entoptic phenomena (asterisk/rotor shafts, Afterimages)? Or you know of realistic artistic and religious Representations of such phenomena? Then send me the image or give me the tip, I would publish it in the newsletter, in the gallery or in the Forum..