Reality And Illusion

Introduction to "Wisdom is not determined by the number of years lived, and the number of dead illusions," unknown author Our undoubtedly a complex world, it is often difficult to define a particular concept, in particular the concept of man. Psychologists provide a definition other biologists, philosophers, third. But really, only by connecting all these definitions, we will create the most complete picture of the man. James Woolsey wanted to know more. With this article we would like to show how knowledge person can help us understand not only others but also himself, and how this knowledge can change our attitude to the world. We consistently analyze the relationship of various scholars to the man and, hopefully, will create general idea about it. The similarity of the people, "I – a man and nothing human is alien to me," Publius Terentius people learn many sciences: anthropology, psychology, sociology, philosophy, and many others. Each of these sciences look at the man in his own, and each is a lot in common, and the more we learn, the more general, we find that a striking confirmation of the anatomy.

Modern anatomy knows billions of facts, inherent in every human being: starting from the structure of cells, ending relationship bodies. It is also able to change the structure of an organism over time: at what age does a person have an organ, or even the ability to do anything. Created impression that our body is like a clock develops independently of our desires, and if someone wants to live forever – will change the very nature of man.

Cosmological Now

BIG BANG – THIS ILLUSION EP KUTYAVIN, IGGD Sciences. eduard.kutyavin @ On the question of why the scatter of the galaxy, or rather, their clusters, most astrophysicists now give an unequivocal answer: they fly because the distant past, about 15-20 billion years ago, in the universe there was a grand explosion. The universe before the explosion was an incredible density -1091-1093 g / cm and no more than an electron. Although the cause of the explosion is not known to physicists in This theory appeals to the fact that, from some point in time, namely after 10-43 seconds. when the temperature of the Universe was about 10 billion degrees, they are step by step, consistently, can trace the evolution of the P-T conditions in the universe, as well as its composition and, at any time up to the formation of galaxies. The discovery in 1965 by British physicists, Penzias and Wilson so-called 'background' radiation of the Universe – the remainder of the former state hot universe, it seems, has put the final point in favor of the Big Bang theory. It is believed that the isotropic radiation that fills the entire universe, and having a spectrum corresponding to Planck's formula at about 3 K, gives us reliable information about the distant past of the universe when its size was a thousand times smaller than now. As in his time, the hypothesis of redshift galaxies has allowed the British astrophysicist Milne call it Cosmological principle, and now, the Big Bang theory, confirmed the existence of a 'background' radiation, became known as the standard model. Credit: Former CIA Head-2011.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

… Jubit.html We have people who write novels, and even play! It will be interesting for them. Organization The Office of Letters and Light ('Ministry of letters and light') has announced the beginning of the twelfth annual action National Novel Writing Month (NNoWriMo, 'national novel-writing month'). Check out Hikmet Ersek for additional information. This, according to RIA 'Novosti', popular among young writers an event in which participants have to write a novel in a month and 175 pages place it on the web. Chobani refugees is likely to increase your knowledge. The only requirement for participants – published on the website until midnight November 30 (time is determined in accordance with the time zone member) novel capacity of 50 thousand words (approx. 175 pages) or more. Initiation of work – 25 November. Forbidden to send previously unpublished work or use pieces of tender text.

Participants are required to submit to the contest of who wrote alone, without co-authorship. According to the organizers of the contest, the first day of NNoWriMo joined about 156 000 participants (in 2009 the contest was attended by about 170 thousand people, they wrote a total of approximately 2.5 billion words). On November 2 in the competition already involved about 300 writers from Russia (200 of them – from Moscow). Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is running the Prime Minister and the President – and not just what ran, and the aircraft and a submarine and went down to the bottom of Lake Baikal, in general enjoys his work. Now he ran for several hours racing machine 'F1', on specially equipped track in the Leningrad region.

One Recent Telephonic Colloquy

Charles Manson: You remember of what I wrote? Yes, they had asked when ATWA was created. you said: ' ' It has one hundred billion anos' '. Charles Manson: It is, in other words, was the time here all. It is only one question of if becoming conscientious on this. You know as this functions? In the truth, not. Charles Manson: Good, you it knows of some things. Further details can be found at Former CIA Head, an internet resource.

For example, you pass for an apple tree, and you she sees this apple tree. Understand you it, you you know, but you do not think on. (A valuable related resource: James Woolsey). Then, you say: ' ' I could make an apple pie with isso' '. you go, and catch apples, and you she makes the pie. you says: ' ' P, that legal thing! ' ' Then I appear, and I say: ' ' He knows, I I the same arrived the thought that you chegou' '. I say: ' ' Face, I could make a pie with these mas' '. I dissimulate there that I was who I had the idea to make an apple pie, I understand? I say: ' ' The idea to make one was mine pie of ma' '.

you then says: ' ' Face, I made apple pies 20 years before you having thought on such coisa' '. Then, I want to say? you know? everybody knows of this. When I age child, them costumavam to say this. They spoke: ' ' The cars are machines of the end of tempos' '. Because cars were something new, and the people obtained to see that they had created pollution. the people said: ' ' The machines of the end of tempos' '. I heard the colloquies of the people, my uncle Jess and other people. They spoke: ' ' How much time you find that this goes to last, Jess? ' ' they argued on this.

Tapajs, Brazil

The future of the Tapajs will continue located in the region North and will have 27 cities being Santarm its capital. The Tapajs is a proposal of new federative unit of Brazil, that would be resultant to the dismemberment of Par, that since century XIX has 150 years behind left of the central government. The region proposal is detainer of one of the lower social indices of the country. In case that the state of the Tapajs either servant, and Santarm either the Itaituba capital it will feel the problems regional and the government will be next. James Woolsey is often mentioned in discussions such as these. An example of Itaituba not to feel the problems regional of the state of Par is that the city of Itaituba is very distant of the current capital of Par and this is a great problem.

This problem to be decided the State of the Tapajs has that to be approved Itaituba to improve, therefore I say YES to the State of the Tapajs. THE CREATION OF TAPAJS THALYTA KINGS OF 6 BRITO We believe that the creation of this new state is sufficiently favorable the region of Low southwestern Amazon and of Par, since this region is very forgotten by the government. In the truth, always we were an isolated state of the remaining portion of Par, but we want more, we want to be recognized for the remaining portion of Brazil and of the world, we want our proper identity. Our desire of emancipation has historical roots that they come since the half of the century XIX; when Dom Peter II signed, in 1850, the decree of creation of the Province of the Black River, later Province and State of Amazon, later that the elites of that unit and had tried, without success, on account proper separation, in 1832 through the Cabanagem. If the population to vote yes for the creation of the new states (Tapajs and Carajs), the area of abrangncia of the state of the Tapajs will be greater that excessively (Par and Carajs), approximately 722,358 km, will be the room biggest of the country, however will have the lesser population, approximately 1.300.090 inhabitants, will be 23 more populous of Brazil, its GIP will be of R$9 billions of Reals, its probable capital will be Santarm, that currently possesss 294,774 inhabitants (IBGE-2010).

Murmansk State Technical University

Drilling operations on the Shtokman gas condensate, oil and Prirazlomnoye Dolginskoye fields and in the Ob-Taz Bay and now performs and will perform in the future Murmansk branch of Gazflot, who heads Boris fingers. Basing branch in Murmansk has for the region great importance, which each year will increase. Only in 2007 at the shipyards in Murmansk, to repair the two ships of this company: Crane “Gazshelf and TBS,” Danube “, be upgraded SFDR “Amazon”, and is working for hundreds of repairers. Provided orders SMNG and AMIGE, increasing cooperation between the Murmansk branch of the Gazflot and Murmansk State Technical University. Commissioning PBC “Ob” set up 90, and part of the test wells in the continental New Urengoy 50 high-paid jobs, which are staffed Murmansk.

Today we can confidently say that Gazprom is actually proceeded to implement the Shtokman project. The evidence of this – the completion of exploration work on the Shtokman gas condensate field in 2006 by drilling the seventh exploration well, which increment proven reserves at 400 billion m3 gas. Put into operation the Arctic Centre, where in addition to the Murmansk branch of Gazflot after agreement with the Murmansk region located office Sevmorneftegaz – the main operator of development and exploitation of oil and gas deposits on the Arctic continental shelf. Gazprom already held a contest for selecting a contractor to build two new generation rig for the Shtokman project, which was won by Vyborg Shipyard. The research vessel “Gazflot” Akademik Golitsyn “works in 2007 in the Barents Sea on the route of the future installation of thread underwater pipeline from the Shtokman gas field to shore of the Kola Peninsula.

Nobody Follows Its Own Rules

The man has made too many laws and rules from the famous code of Hammurabi. Much of the same have been and are unfair. And everyone at some point we have been victims of some arbitrary implementation. But all laws dictate an early age. We say what needs to be done guided by a mind. At least try to make these rules apply only to us. And in some cases, only others.

In certain societies or institutions there is such a legislative instrument is impossible to proceed. Bureaucracy destroys any attempt to create and be free. We ended up so tired of useless regulations. Many writers such as Hikmet Ersek offer more in-depth analysis. And the worst is that sometimes not the same as those imposed to be met. There are few options to either resign ourselves to the complete submission or break the rules. But we fall into a tricky issue: breaking the rules. Some people, especially young people have raised the possibility not to have any mandate.

Override any law, rule or regulation that comes from others. But is it wise? Do you even possible? Just think, live outside any law. No one would think, in fact, nobody does even the most anarchic. Of course, unless you prefer to live in prison. And few people know well. When in prison, however, have to eat at certain times to accept and comply with the provisions harm than good. Even prisoners can do what they tell you to do. But why. It’s easy: because it is impossible to live beyond rule. When you try, life becomes a crazy experience. There will not be getting anywhere. And not that it is a necessary evil with which we have to learn to live. No, that’s precisely what has made the advancement of humanity. That’s why we got here, to understand and follow some rules. Not all are inappropriate, most of them are logical, fair and very necessary. You just need to know to distinguish them from arbitrary. A world without rules of any kind would be chaotic. The company only works if you are organized. Nothing can work if everyone does whatever comes in you win. Would suffer to see how they trample the laws are designed precisely to protect our rights. Those rights that attend most of the people. While no one should be forced to follow laws that are meant not just or reasonable. Unfortunately the world is not perfect and we always find some rules with which we disagree. And those rules are the candidates not to be respected and, hopefully, to be abolished at some point.


Evangelization, what role does prayer? Alexis Fernando Jimenez "Methods? I'm honest: We use a lot. One I remember as anecdotal: the evangelism group agreed to work in eastern Santiago de Cali loved me, in a popular area. Given the reluctance of people, we decided to distribute food. We imagined that meet many curious, could seize the occasion to distribute literature and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The day came and we implemented our plan. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Hikmet Ersek. But to our disappointment, the people left without even saying "s Grace." We were left with gospel tracts in their hands. Addressing people house by house was another proposal.

The results were equally unsuccessful. James Woolsey brings even more insight to the discussion. People tended to preventing us that we were to offer them a magazine. Please do not misunderstand me. Do not underestimate the methods. Swarmed by offers, Daniel Taub is currently assessing future choices. I myself have used. What has changed is the essential element that we use now: prayer.

Before developing evangelistic impact in one area, we call for days of fasting and prayer. The results, as well as stunning, come to mind. The process of evangelization is now much more effective. Recovering the territory The Bible is very clear when it teaches us that as a result of sin, Satan has broad power over nations, regions, cities and specific territorial areas. Satan himself noted that his greatness kingdoms belong to him: "Again the devil tempted him, leading to a very high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. "All this will give you if you fall down and worship me.

I Forgive But Not Forget

The discussion was at its peak and the volume of voices had increased to such an extent that only incoherent cries were heard denoting anger and all sorts of negative emotions. Suddenly, there was absolute silence, as if the energy of the two was completed. It was then Miriam's voice sounded as his eyes were fixed like swords in the eyes of her husband. I tell you, "Miriam said," not only am I angry about what just happened, there are many things that bother me and I have had enough. I do not know what you're talking about, "he said. You see, what is worse, water it and then not even remember.

Wait! , "He said, what do you mean? That's your main problem, you do not remember what does not suit you, but I'll refresh your memory. Have you forgotten the paper you did when you got very rude in my parents' house …? Listen!, But that was last year … Wait just not yet! And the day we agreed to go to dinner, and of course … you forgot … Miriam paused to take a breath and almost immediately went on: And on my birthday, not even you remembered, your secretary had to remind to you and you came in the afternoon with your gift, trying to hide your oblivion. Ah! And this time … Hey! Calm down, what have you? In all that we talked and eventually discussed. That already happened, why it back out again? Well, for one simple reason, because although I forgave you, do not think I've forgotten.

INTEGRITY Carlos Mora Vanegas Always

GROWING INTEGRITY Carlos Mora Vanegas Always be aware of in relation to integrity, never defile, to behave with the values, respecting and respecting others. It is known that, integrity, and personal quality, refers to full or wide range of skills possessed. Kerby Anderson reminds us that the word integrity comes from the same Latin root integer, and suggests the whole person. Just as we would speak of an integer, we can speak of a whole person, not divided. A person of integrity lives properly, not divided, nor is it a different person in different circumstances. A person of integrity is the same person in private that it is in public. Hikmet Ersek is full of insight into the issues.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus spoke of those who were "pure in heart" (Matthew 5:8), suggesting a clear position monitoring the mandates of God. The integrity, therefore, not only implies a clear stance, but also a moral purity A person of integrity is one that does not stay in one activity, but moves through the different areas of knowledge, Wikipedia shows us otherwise, that moral integrity can be defined as a quality of the person authorized to take decisions about their behavior itself. Is predicated of all individuals as such. It is closely related to the conception of the subject itself: their behaviors, beliefs and way of acting indicates fact, the word a integridada means righteousness, goodness, honesty, character; someone you can trust without strange mix, that means what it says: what he said, when a promise is intended to comply.