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I feel free, reasoned spirituality, without ligaments, in direct, natural, peaceful way and I think that it is correct because that gives me motivation to continue living, be present in my conscious actions, ideas, expressing it with my I joy in my body, exercising, taking motivation to continue making friends, telling him of my ideas, my actions, very helpful, I try to do favors to others without expecting anything in returnvery natural. From the holistic education the universal spiritual basis arise genuine human values tied to a post-conventional morality i.e. not dependent on specific cultural formation morals, a moral spiritual and transcendent. Human values are perennial and universal, a natural expression of the internal order. The values are in the Centre of the educational process, a trust is necessary for its flourishing, a feeling in children and youth that are in an environment where he can trust, do the right thing is perceived as something inherent to the basic nature of human beings. Do the right thing satisfies the spiritual yearning and produces coherence, empty creative and spiritual love. Values constitute the nature of truth, beyond of social reality, are attributes of the spirit that nourish us, give life and well-being, are in direct relation with the order of consciousness, without order inmate can flourish. Human values are something everyday, any subject can promote this learning, it cannot be something artificial that is added from the outside to the daily activities, the most important spiritual values in holistic education are: peace, confidence, cooperation, responsibility, freedom, compassion, the humility, brotherhood, kindness and love.

I can conclude that spiritual intelligence of Ramon Gallegos Nava work these knowledge acquired in this gorgeous, I used to understand the human being, in all its dimensions, respect all living beings that inhabit the planet, the environment with freedom with responsibility, consciousness, spirituality, love, peace, compassion, with sustainability, humility, brotherhood, kindness.

Ace World

' If in the marxist formularization the work is the starting point of the process of humanizao of the social being, also it is truth that, as if objective in the capitalist society, the degraded and lowered work, becomes found odd. What social_ would have to consist in the basic purpose of the being its accomplishment in and by the work is perverted and depauperado.' ' (Lukcs apud Ricardo Antunes, 1953, P. 126). The ecstasy in the absorvimento of the brief interrupted instant of suspended actions in a marked, for the enchanted of an idle time, delayed interval I obtain exactly is lived deeply in transbordante way for the personage Samuel of the text Pause of Moacir Scliar. Without hesitation Publishers Clearing House explained all about the problem. The fetichismo of the rest, stopping, the recurrent reiterated because falsified pause, a ritualstico moment incarnates whose objective, fast acts necessary translate the expression of a sped up escape of the personage whose preparatory moment of imminent evasion of this real world, for one pseudo- world: of the tranquillity, the peace, silence, not the suffering, it locks up the paradoxical amplitude of this antecipatrio scene of emotions, feelings and experiences. What it can be exemplificado in the following stretch: ' ' Ace seven hours Samuel jumped of the bed, ran for the bathroom, made the beard and washed itself. Click Corey Ribotsky to learn more.

He was dressed quickly and without rudo' ' 1. Preliminarily, Samuel to the uprising is presented in a sequence of intercalated activities carried through of ascending and uninterrupted form, vital reference of the longed for futurista speed, presentificadas in the text from expressions shortened for the simple and forceful action. Owner of one ' ' fronte calva' ' although ' ' jovem' ' , he possessed ' ' thick sombracelhas, the beard a shade azulada' ' forming in its face a picture shady of its proper soul cindida in the time and the modern space.

The Moodle Platform

But, it is necessary that this tool well is defined to extend the quarrels and debates. The Moodle Platform, presents great varieties of tools and this aid in the pedagogical look, as much for the pupil how much for the professor (tutorial). to confirm this thesis, the construction of knowing can be widely argued by all the participants, what it does not differentiate of the traditional methods educational. To search ' ' solues' ' pedagogical it will depend mainly on the tools of the platform and of the participants who interact together in the activities, learning and teaching with the readings proposals with its personal arguments. Therefore, the pedagogical look of the course is entirely on in the dynamics of the course and its tools, found in the Moodle Platform. On the Interface of the Glossary, I believe that it finishes in the distance being plus one them many tools of support it course of Education, to extend the interaction of the excessively participant ones. On the interactive construction, tool EASY, was projected with the objective to maximize the interaction and accessibility to the courses carried through in the Moodle, marking the differential for that reads and interacts with the integrant participants and tutors of course EAD. With this, it would like in the distance to approach the importance of the course in the standards of the Moodle Platform, inside of the current educational context. Therefore, in the day to day running, the pupil and the professor (mediating) need to manage its tasks and consequently to have ample knowledge, in the direction of readings with the depositions of the colleagues of course and mainly of the texts considered for the reading, marking positively the call: He was of the Education in the distance ' ' inside of the exaggerated capitalism. Another suggested text that it deserves prominence in the course, was what it approached the Concepts of Education in the distance and the Complementary Material: To know Authorial profile of the pupil, Netiqueta and Direitos.

Collective Consumption

Through the allocation space differentiated of the equipment of collective consumption, the State also intervenes with the residential segregation … (CORRA, 2005, pg. 26). Then the State through the allocation differentiated space in the city and of services of collective consumption generates an increase of prices of lots and property for one determined parcel of the society, causing with this certain homogeneity in its partner-space content. In Araguana it is noticed some areas, where resident inhabitants have greater purchasing power, this fact can be observed in the sectors: Noroestes, Tecnorte, Anhangera and Urbanstico, where these areas have high values, according to its localization, regarding the values referring the localizations, Villaa (2001) comment: …

The land? localization alone is monopoly? or better, the monopoly alone weighs significantly in the price? in rare, as the front for the sea and Ipanema, or the sight for the Bread of sugar, all land has, is truth, some degree of monopoly, but in the majority of the cases this degree is small the determination of the being price. The land? localization, as any product, basically has its definitive price for the conditions of its production (for its cost of production, as Lefebvre said) for its value. (VILLAA, 2001, pg. 75). But the State, when privileging definitive areas in the urban one of Araguana, creates uneven localizations fruit of differentiated infrastructure allocation, to take care of definitive capitalist interests, this fact generates a differentiated valuation, causes in turn a process of residential segregation, fruit of this urban clutter.

Exactly the planned city being of the beginning to the end, the State segregates in the same way, regarding this fact Corra (2005), says on the origin and evolution of the city of Mrida in the peninsula of the Yucatan, in Mexico in century XV. The city was planned around a central square. The four blocks delimited that it had been reserved for the cathedral, the buildings of the governments provincial and municipal and the residence of heads of the conquerors.

Brazilian Gifts

Revealing doencanto and of the popular soul, pleasant lyric flavor: (BETTER, 1935, p.5) ‘ ‘ 1558) presenteno general cancioneiro, (before to desteviajar for Italy, when it changed the style for sonetos in decasslabos,). Isoto if not only explains because S erafamoso Miranda for quadrinhas emversoshexasslabos, but emontona lyric pelafeio. (These were also caractersticasprprias of cantigas of love Gallego-Portuguese) What it also limited poetical acomposio, for only, enters two four estrofes. But with the same sofreguido of the loves perdidossentido in verses of Francisco de Brazilian Souza, and others, with asmesmascaractersticas in the versificao muitoslusitanos symmetry, similars eem tambma of cancioneiros celebrities: ‘ ‘ With me I had a difference of opinion myself,/I am rank in all danger; /no to possoviver with me,/nor I can run away from me. /.

With pain of people it ran away,/before queesta thus grew; /now> to be dumb (Francisco de Sousa In: CAPADELLI) Lady my good breaks so sad my eyes for you,/quenunca so sad checks outrosnenhunspor nobody. (Joo Ruiz Castello Branco In: CAPADELLI) Nestaltima estrofe you rhyme, them in alternation are also gifts in the cantorias deXiquinha. Olirismo, escrnioe maldizertambm is gifts in our literatos. The poetry of Gregorio de burlesque, ertica and satirical sejalrica Matos, sacra, deeply is taken root Brazilian nessarealidade, especially in its two last sources, esatrica, that register the customs and the moral life, social the ertica and dacapital politics of the colony. Priests, nuns, military, employees of> endios land government, traders, proprietors, noblemen, Jews, adventurers, slaves are personages of the vast composed panel for the poet, who treated suaterratal as he was under the maisvariadospontos of sight: Let us observe its verses: Politician: The demon to live if displays,/no matter how hard the fame exalta, /numa city where it lacks/truth, honor, shame. (>) God is valid us, what he costs,/What El-King in the ones of the one of favour.

Apud Pound

The poetry contemporary is the reaction of poetical sensitivity to the racionalizante world of the consumption capitalism that takes off of the modern man the subjectivity becomes, it anonymous, being insignificant part of a great mass consumer. To the poet, in its substance that is the poetry, the paper fits to give to the common man an importance layer as form to place it as to be only incomparable and bonanza. Of – it a new to look at for the reality, provides a new behavior, a new relation with its time, the exacerbado and marcante materialism in its life. The poetry contemporary in the ones of a possibility to feel of true form the world as a whole, taking off of us that sensation of only being part as a gear that makes possible the maquinal functioning of reproduction of the rationality. To think, to look at, to reflect and to perceive are party to suit of sensation of completude of the man. Process this that makes in them to be uncommon and only in the world. The poet, through the organization of the poetical language, it has the power of convoking in them for the release, in freeing of the claws of the rational world.

Through the poetry it is that we leave the world of the transcendncia of our individual and physical body for a body collective spiritual and. The poetry is one constant exercise of reaprendizagem of new possibilities to see world the same. this is the paper of the great poet. As Coleridge said: ' ' The quality of a great poet is present in all part and in no part evidente&#039 is visible as a stimulaton; '. (COLERIDGE Apud Pound. p. 34). The cited affirmation comes to corroborate with what it is come close deducing in the conjecture of poetical making. It does not fit to the poet if to show visible to the world contemporary, fits it to work the poetical language to fortify the intuition of its reader; to make to reflect it and if to feel useful in the collective of its world.

Head Coaching

In this case employees do not fear that they will be ridiculed or thoughtlessly discarded. Moreover, it is motivated to make their suggestions for improvement business processes. And a creative idea, if it has been properly evaluated and accepted, gives rise to many new ideas. Effective use of people and skills and resources. The head is often even not aware of the what hidden resources at its disposal as long as the conduct does not start coaching.

In the process of coaching, he opened many previously hidden talents of the employees of his team, as well as solving practical problems (Sometimes quite unexpected), which can detect only those who are regularly confronted with them. Coaching allows you to use the working capacity of the employee or the team is 100%. Fast and effective response to critical situation. If people feel the atmosphere of respect and recognition, they are always ready to act to protect the interests of the company in a critical situation. Additional work, temporary deterioration of working conditions will not be for are a big problem and will be received with understanding.

Moreover, the staff will do everything possible to avoid critical situations, and do it themselves, without further guidance manual. Creative flexibility adaptation to change. Increased competition in the market, innovative technologies, economic uncertainty and social instability are demanding greater flexibility and adaptability. Coaching allows you to very quickly adapt to any changes, which is very important in today's business world. Motivation. In our time, the "stick" and "carrot" to motivate staff are becoming less and less relevant. People work at will, and not under duress. Coaching helps people open up, to realize its full potential and enjoy their work, improve self-esteem. Of course, that this people are motivated by quality performance of their duties, to a productive and quality work. On the advantages of coaching can talk long and hard. Indeed, today it is the most effective style of management personnel, a powerful tool to achieve amazing results. Coaching – it's not a theory is, above all, practice. The practice is not difficult to master, but an unusually effective. To see this manager is enough just try to use coaching in their work. And the result will certainly be positive.

Treasure Hunting – Business ?

Our country is rich in a variety of resources – oil, coal, gas, gold, diamonds. But apart from that good, we have large reserves that we rarely taken seriously. This is a hidden underground or underwater treasures in including the treasures. But if someone is lost or hidden by centuries of any kind, someone can get them. Industry concentration should not think that the idea of searching only kladovoderzhimy heroes adventure novels and movies.

On Indeed, by some estimates now lies under water for more than three million vehicles, many of which are literally packed with gold, such as those that sank on its way from America to Europe at the time of the Conquest. A lot of poses and the earth. Treasure hunting in the West has long become a profitable business. Enough to read the international news in recent years to provide not only the scope of search activities, but also the economic benefit from them: 'On Robinson Crusoe Island, in the group of islands belonging to Chile, Juan Fernandez at a depth of 15 m was found buried treasure worth $ 10 billion – says Guardian .- said Fernando Uribe-Etkseverria, lawyer of private Chilean company Wagner, which leads search, it is the biggest treasure in history. Searchers report that found about 600 barrels of gold coins and jewels of the Incas … " 'The Atlantic found the largest in the history of mankind underwater treasure. American company specializing in search of sunken ships, ancient galleon found on board which holds up to 500 thousand ancient coins of gold and silver.

Brazilian Communists

Another party of national character, the AIB if constituted as a counterpoint of the Brazilian Communists. Established in 1932, with the Manifesto of October, he was composed basically of elements of the urban average layers. The estimates of the number of adepts vary of the 100 a thousand 800 a thousand people, what it discloses the inexistence of unamimity in relation to this movement. Many times we are led to believe, in simplista way, in the transposition of main the European fascism as characteristic or until only of Brazilian the Integralista Action. However, it seems us that such generalization can lead to an error of interpretation. Authors exist who see with care this question.

Jose Chasin and Antonio Rago Son consider the AIB as: ' ' (…) right extreme movement, romantic and reactionary, but not fascist, because they understand that the fascism would be a particular expression of the period of training of full development in the way of capitalist production, that Brazil still it had not reached in the decade of 1930, given its structural dependence to the center of capitalismo' '. The influences fascists are not ignored. Salty, founding Pliny and main theoretician of the AIB, possua a great admiration for Mussolini. As proper it confesses: ' ' in one late of June, after having seen all New Italy, after abiding considered with all severity, I saw myself, in the Palace Venice, front the front with the creative genius of the politics of the Future (…) Age Mussolini. This man creates New Italy (…) ' '. What we try to affirm here is that, same considering this strong influence of the ideology and prxis fascist, we do not have to disrespect the Brazilian internal aspects that had provided the appearance of this movement. Moreover, we must remember that no ideology, whichever, are understood in the same way in different historical realities.

Habib Interior

Along with the ex-president their children Alaa and Gamal will sit down in the bench, the industralist Husein Salem and exministro of Interior. Its state of health is unstable. The Egyptian ex-president Hosni Mubarak will be judged in Cairo next the 3 of August. Mubarak, that governed Egypt from 1981 until it resigned the past to presidency 11 of February, is hospitalized in the tourist locality of Sharm the Sheji. The undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice, Mohamed Mania, has assured that he has been solved of definitive way that the judgment against the ex-president, his two children Alaa and Gamal and the industralist Husein Salem will be celebrated in the Egyptian capital. Its state of health is unstable. The doctors the past assured 26 July that takes care of to him that it is in " acute state of debilidad" and that has stopped eating and it only ingests liquids.

As much Mubarak as their children is accused of abuse authority, illicit enrichment and to be behind the attacks against the demonstrators during the revolution of the 25 of January. That same day will judge exministro of the Habib Interior to Adil and other six exresponsables of the ministry by its implication in the murder of demonstrators. The view will be celebrated in center of Exhibitions of Cairo, that is being prepared. It will be relayed by the Egyptian state television. This judgment is one of the main vindications of cientas of people who continue encamped in the Tahrir place. Source of the news: Egyptian ex-president Mubarak will be judged in Cairo