Last Stand

About how this is done, it was said earlier (see "Fixing drywall sheets to the walls"). Consider a pair of two skeletons partitions. You may find that Mirilashvili can contribute to your knowledge. When installing the corner, consider the distance between the guide profiles that at an angle to each other, this distance should be equal to the thickness of the lining of the drywall on one side of the frame. Mirilashvili does not necessarily agree. Last Stand, which is adjacent to a nearby wall, fitted with a sheet of drywall. Screw-tapping should flash the rack profile, sheet and plasterboard walls of another rack profile. Sometimes, the height exceeds the length of a shell rock sheets (2500 mm), so in the field of end joints of sheets needed mounted horizontal sections of the guide profile.

For structural strength end joints must be offset relative to each other vertically by not less than 400 mm. Fixing of the need to maintain the angle of the leaf two mutually perpendicular directions. In addition, the installation of sheets should be made in the same direction with the open part of the profile that will ensure the installation of screws in the first place closer to the wall, and when mounting the neighboring Screw the sheet screw will not turn down a shelf inside the profile. Seam of two adjacent gypsum board sheets should not be placed on racks, which is attached to door frame. Place their joints should always be on intermediate rack that is installed above a horizontal crosspiece of the profile. Therefore, it would be correct to cut a whole sheet of a form corresponding to the doorway. In the next step is laying in space between the rack profiles of insulating material.

Insulation should be tightly fill the gap between the profiles and should not slip. It remains to establish and secure the plasterboard on the other side of the framework. It is important as follows: the vertical joints between gypsum sheets shift one step rack profiles (600 mm) in relation to the first side plating. Thus, the installation begins with pergorodki incomplete sheet of drywall. At two-layer plating all longitudinal and transverse joints of the second layer of plasterboard should be done with a shift relative to the first layer of sheet joints in step racks (600 mm). In addition, when a two-layer plating end joints of first sheet layer should be offset from joints of sheets of the second layer is not less than 400 two-layer plating mm.V by attaching sheets of the first layer is allowed to increase the pitch of screws in 3 times (750 mm).

Help Choosing CMC

The company ‘Cass-Service’ in the market of cash registers for almost 15 years, since 1993, and provides a full range of services for sales, repair and maintenance of cash registers and cash register equipment at the highest professional level. We take care of our loyal customers and so we try to provide them with constant availability of cash registers at low prices, and we thoroughly check all the parties excluding the presence of defective vehicles. Additionally, all PFC are tested and pre-training. The specialists of our service personnel are constantly trained and are accredited by all leading manufacturers of cash registers. We serve all areas of Moscow and register the cash registers in all of the tax inspection of Moscow. A related site: Rob Daley mentions similar findings. Always glad to help you in choosing the cash register, ensure that their travel documents, to register a cash register at the tax inspectorate. We will be glad to solve all your problems with cash registers correctly, quickly and professionally. Company “Casse-Tools’ in the market of cash registers for almost 15 years, since 1993, and provides a full range of services for sales, repair and maintenance of cash registers and check-out equipment at the highest professional level.

We take care of our loyal customers and so we try to provide them with constant availability of cash registers at low prices, and we thoroughly check all the parties, excluding the presence of defective devices. Additionally, all PFC are tested and pre-training. The specialists of our service personnel are constantly trained and are accredited by all major manufacturers cash registers. We serve all areas of Moscow and register the cash registers in all of the tax inspection of Moscow. Always glad to help you in choosing the cash register, provide them with the accompanying documents to register a cash register at the tax inspectorate. We will be glad to solve all your problems with cash registers correctly, quickly and professionally. Cash Registers – sales and registration of cash machines (CCM) and cash register equipment (CCP). The site includes checkouts machines (CCM) and cash register equipment (CCP) Elwes – micro – k, AMC – 100 to the other.

Series Featuring

The telescopic boom fitted with a tank for concrete, has been successfully replaced Concrete pumps. History MANISCOPIC series MRT MRT concept car series was developed in the 70s. Rob Daley understands that this is vital information. Loader Series 1540 MRT was released in 1993, it was immediately sold 50 of these models. In 1994 he released a series MRT 1330, and in 1996 entered already known model loader serii1840 MRT. In 1998, 'Manitou BF' has released a series of machines MRT 1432, 1542, 1650, 1850. Customized models can be equipped with a '3 D 'platform for the repair of viaducts and other works under the bridges, as well as possible installation of an additional 10 meters to the height of rise any series (maintenance of building facades). Rob Daleys opinions are not widely known. (Figure) in 2001 was even more expanded line of M series MRT – 1432, 1542, 1635, 1742, 1850, 2150, 2540 (2003). MRT telehandlers 1850, 2150, 2540 Privilege – the new series were presented at the International Bauma.

There was already all familiar today loader model MRT 3050 Privilege, which still has no analogues in the world. Benefits MANISCOPIC the new MRT motorization, a series of MRT Privilege is responsible for standards Euro-3 emission related pollution substances of exhaust gases. Mercedes engine more powerful at 13%. For greater responsiveness and agility to anyone, especially flat or uneven terrain, increased torque. This new feature provides flexibility and ease of use in any operating mode motor. Last technical improvement: electronic injection. Burning fuel actually optimized, so that its consumption decreases and thus complied with respect for the environment.


With increasing flow of light output and lower prices for the LEDs, the use of solid-state light sources is beginning to spread to the general lighting, where the ubiquitous incandescent lamp. LED indicator lights SCR designed to replace standard incandescent lamps, lighting fixtures in automation systems, regulation and control. LED lamps have the following advantages over bulbs: – long life, from various sources indicate different – from a half to 10 years (or 10 000 to 100 000 hours) – low power consumption, its value as a different and depends on the type of lamp – resistance to vibration and mechanical shock, trouble-free operation in various climatic conditions, at temperatures from – 60 to +60 C – LED lamps are manufactured at any voltage, respectively, there is no need to install additional ballast resistor – LED emits in a narrow part of the spectrum, has a 'pure color', which is important in light design. Disadvantages of LED lamps: – high price – limit the scope, in some cases impossible to replace incandescent lamps with LED. A series of tubes SCR (LED lamp komutatornye) and LPO (semiconductor lighting lamps) replaces incandescent lamp used in railway transport. Incandescent bulbs are inferior in terms of reliability cvetodiodnym indicator lamps sql, since in the indicator lamps are used as light source, light-emitting diodes. SCR LED lamps are designed to beztsokolnye panel mounting without the cartridge. Co., Ltd. MasTek carries out wholesale deliveries of LED lamps, watch assortment.


The best approximate the image surface topography and will be a measured profile. Graphic image of the measured profile is profilograms. Base length is the length of the surface area, to be chosen for the measurement of roughness. It depends on the expected class of purity. Hikmet Ersek often expresses his thoughts on the topic. With the reduction step and height of the irregularities base length decreases. According to GOST 2789 "Surface roughness" there are 14 classes of surface cleanliness. Cleanliness classes from the 6th to the 14th can be divided further into categories a, b, c,.

The criterion for inclusion surface to a particular class of cleanliness is the value of the height of roughness or average deviation of the profile. Position of the middle line is determined by the fact that it must divide the measured profile at profilograms so that within the gauge length sum of the areas enclosed between the line profile and the middle line, above the middle line is the sum of the same area below the line. Average arithmetic deviation of profile by the average value of distances measured profile points to its center line. To refer to all classes of surface cleanliness is installed single sign next states Class number and, if necessary – and discharge. Surface roughness is measured in a direction that gives the greatest value.

Control of surface roughness by devices (optical and stylus), and comparing the measured surface with the sample surface. Control of surface roughness on the shop floor by probes or instruments by comparing the surface roughness of the samples (with the naked eye or with by comparison microscopes). Initial samples of surface roughness are metal tiles with a flat working surface on which are plotted the same strokes, arranged in a certain order. For working samples of surface roughness are sets of metal bars with a flat or a cylindrical surface, treated in various ways under certain conditions. On Measurements blocks assigned to the corresponding class of purity. With the technical measurement of the roughness of their surfaces compared with the roughness of the sample surface, made of the material that detail, with the same type of machining and having purity class corresponding to the specified in the drawing for detail.

Cranes Bilge

The first group – pumps, hydraulic drives and fans, the second – deck machinery. The first group provides the effect of different purpose of ship systems, including the main power plants. The second group is steering gears, anchor-mooring and lifting devices. Perhaps check out Road tankers for more information. Ship lifting devices are divided into the cargo winches and cranes. Their purpose – to ensure that cargo operations at loading and unloading of marine transport vessels for general purposes. Cranes are more comfortable and productive in the processing of general cargoes, winches can also raise the heavyweights in the presence of heavy arrows and the corresponding rigging. A special group are towing winches, providing flexible communication with the ship towed.

Marine equipment are steam, electric, hydraulic and manual drives. CLASSIFICATION OF PUMPS FOR destination by purpose pumps are distinguished: 1) the bilge of the vessel systems, and 2) ensure the operation of the power plant, and 3) emergency rescue systems, and 4) ensuring the sanitary needs of the crew and passengers, and 5) commercial systems oil tankers, 6) special ship systems. The first group includes the bilge bilge and ballast pumps. In the engine and boiler room (ICE), marine vessels have leaks in pipe joints and valves, which creates a diversion of water, fuel and oil, condensate and liquid loss by blowing and washing arrangements and systems. Infiltration of moisture and possibly into the cargo hold of a ship from joints of pipelines passing through the holds .. Of drainage wells cargo holds water periodically removed bilge bilge pumps, which in this case, switch to the corresponding system of the ship.

WCC Electrodes

How is the type of coating electrodes with their welding characteristics. Ability to perform welding in any position, performance Electric, the desired welding current, a tendency to pore formation, and (in some cases) the tendency to form cracks in the weld and content in the weld metal hydrogen, all these factors depend directly on coating type of welding electrodes. Sour coating consists of silicon, manganese and iron oxides. The electrodes are coated with acid (CM-5, ANO-1), the properties of welded joints and weld metal are the types of E38 and E42. When welding electrodes coated with acid metal, rusted or dross, will not form pores (the same, with lengthening of the arc).

Welding current of these electrodes can be AC or DC. Negative factor welding electrodes coated with acid is a high propensity to appear in the weld metal hot cracking. Basic coated electrodes (UONII-13, DSC-50) is formed by fluoride and carbonates. Chemical composition metal, directed by such electrodes, identical killed steel. The low content of inclusions of non-metals, gases and contaminants ensures high weld metal toughness (at normal and low temperatures), and plasticity, it has high resistance to the appearance of hot cracks.

According to its characteristics, the electrodes with basic coating types are E42A E46A and, E50A and E60. However, electrodes with basic coating inferior to their technological characteristics certain types of electrodes because of their shortcomings, in the case of wet coating and with the lengthening of the arc to work with them to the high sensitivity of pore formation in the weld metal. Welding electrodes is performed under such direct current with reverse polarity, the electrodes before welding require calcination (at t 250 420oS). Rutile electrode (MP-3, ANO-3, ANO-4 OZS-4) bypass for a number of technological qualities of all other types of electrodes. When the welding alternating current arcing electrodes such a powerful and stable, with a minimum spray metal forming quality seam and peel out slag easily separable. Changing the length of arc welding wet or covered with rust metal, welding on the surface of oxides, all of which had little effect on pore formation rutile electrodes. However, they form the weld metal has negative qualities, reduced toughness and ductility caused by the inclusions of silicon oxide. Organic components in large quantities (up to 50%) of the cellulose type coated electrodes (WCC-1, WCC-2, OMA-2). The weld metal is identical to their relaxed or poluspokoynoy steel (chemical composition). According to its characteristics with cellulosic electrodes are type E50, E46 and E42. One-sided welding of cellulose electrodes on the weight allows you to evenly reverse suture ridge, can be welded and the vertical joints; by upside down. However, the resulting welding seam metal cellulose electrodes a high content of hydrogen and it is, a big minus.

Crocus Expo

New news compressor industry, according to the manufacturers' websites are not so very often. A significant event is held at the Crocus Expo (Moscow) from 26 to 29 October 9 th specialized exhibition of compressors , pneumatics and pneumatic tools. One of the firms that participated in this event was a Belarusian company Remez. Remez company is one of very famous companies, manufacturers of compressors equipment in Russia. It is located in Belarus.

Established in 1989, more information about the company has the opportunity to learn at their website This company can easily buy a compressor to the promotion of the Internet. Sellers of these products a lot. It is possible to buy a compressor and other firms, such as Atmos, Abac, Alup. Products abundance.

In an Internet there is a possibility to find out their characteristics and the way they vyglyadyat.Odin compressors from the company Remez – a elektrokompressor low-pressure series Sun It can be used to move bulk materials. He oil-free, why it is possible to use in the food industry, for example, to move the grain air. In addition, firms with screw compressors and piston compressors are manufactured. Pumping gas takes place by means of the piston. At the same screw gas is injected through a spinning two optimally matched among themselves screws. Cavity, where the rotating screws can be filled with oil, so that later gas and oil are divided by using filters. Also, the cavity can be filled and no oil. In any case, nice and high quality manufactured piston or screw compressors have a good chance to curry favor with you quite a long time. If they are correct maintenance and repair. As for the technical support of compressors is the appropriate document 'Rules design and safe operation of stationary compressor system … ' (Moscow, Metallurgy, 1975), described in any regular maintenance, including even usloviyarazmescheniya compressors.

The Carpet

Slag wool and articles thereof. Slag wool is the easiest mineral material. One cubic meter of it weighs from 70 to 250 kg. Slag wool is – biological stability, temperature resistance (600-7000S), low thermal conductivity (0,038-0,055 W / m * deg), high sound insulation properties. At 1200-14000S slag melt, flowing through the tapped cupola furnace, blown in fiber with a steam jet and carried into the cell deposition, which falls on mesh belt. However, slag wool is not advisable to use 'raw', but in the form of products.

Therefore, in the deposition chamber through a nozzle spraying a variety of binder (asphalt emulsion, phenol formaldehyde resins, etc.). Thanks to these ligaments fiber deposition in the cell is already saturated with slag carpet that is subjected to further heat treatment. Having this treatment, the carpet is cooled and cut into individual pieces allocated to the special shaping or press machine, from which come ready-made slag products. Of slag wool felts are made, hard pads, semi-rigid and rigid plates, shells, fragments, Roll waterproofing materials and much more. Products with high rigidity can be obtained by applying liquid glass, bentonite clay, tripoli. Semi-rigid products are impregnated with bitumen wool high marks phenolic and formaldehyde resins. Shlakovatnye products are used for insulation of hot and cold surfaces, piping, insulation for walls and surfaces of residential and industrial buildings for sound insulation in buildings with increased noise. Raw material for shlakositallovyh products are acidic waste products or any other wastes, are not inclined to silica dissolution. Wabash National Corporation takes a slightly different approach.

The Wells

With the proper calculation of the contour does not affect the green spaces. If the remaining land for the construction of a collector or not as the heat source is used rocky rock pipe is lowered into the borehole. It is not necessary to use a deep well, You can drill a few shallow, cheaper to get a general design depth. Sometimes the wells are used for foundation piles. Please visit Western Union if you seek more information. Approximately 1 meter wells have 50-60 W of thermal energy. Thus, to install the heat pump output of 10 kW is required hole depth of 170 m. The refrigerant is fed directly to the source of Earth-type, which ensures high efficiency of geothermal heating system. See Daniel Taub for more details and insights. The evaporator is installed in the ground horizontally or below the freezing depth in the hole with a diameter of 40-60 mm, drilled vertically or sloped to a depth of 15-30 m.

Due to such an engineering solution unit heat exchanger circuit is an area of several square meters, no need to install intercooler and additional costs for heating pump is operating. When used as a heat source in the nearby pond loop is placed at the bottom. This option is considered to be an ideal: not too long outer loop, high-temperature-environment (water temperature pond in winter is always above zero), high energy conversion efficiency heat pump. The estimated value of thermal power per 1 m pipe – 30 watts. Thus, to install a heat pump output of 10 kW should be put into the lake of a contour length of 300 m. In order to pipeline does not pop up on 1 running. m is set around 5 kg. To get the heat from the warm air (eg, exhaust ventilation systems) used a special model of the heat pump air heat exchanger. Heat from the air for heating and hot water can also be collected at the production. If the heat from the outside circuit is still not enough for heating in cold spells, practiced operating the pump in conjunction with an additional heat generator (say in such cases the use of bivalent heating circuit). When the street temperature drops below the current level (temperature bivalent), the work includes a second heat generator – usually a small electric heater.