Federative Republic

‘ ‘ Sustentvel’ development; ‘. 5 – Identity and Citizenship in the sector Education the formation of the human being starts in the family. There, it has beginning a process of humanizao and release, moral and ethical values; it is a way that it searchs to make of the child a civilized being. well early to the school participates of this process, therefore the formal and informal education, social movements and public entities, approach aspects such as the education of the children, young and adults for a new culture of the human rights and the peace, beyond the reflection and practical systematization of the educative one in human rights. Soon, According to Demon (2006) ‘ ‘ The education, while intentional activity consists of the act to produce, directly and intentionally, in each singular individual, the humanity that is produced historical and collectively for the set of homens’ ‘. FINAL CONSIDERAES the concepts of Citizenship, Human Identity and Rights go if becoming indissociveis.

One perceives that the Human concepts of Citizenship and Rights are sufficiently flexible throughout the times. that Human Citizenship and Rights are not only right, conquered gradually. To each day they are necessary constant efforts of the individuals to assure them. It fits, therefore, to the State, in the search of the welfare state and the Democratic State of Right, to guarantee the minimum of conditions to the exercise of the Citizenship and the Human Rights.

Public Net

Many ideas come frequent being argued on as we can fight with this exaggerated water wastefulness. Ones of the found alternatives, was the responsible consumption and forms of exploitation of this I eliminate precious for the world. An alternative that comes very being used nowadays, is the pluvial water captation, in cities as So Paulo and Curitiba, had been created laws for the pluvial water captation. In So Paulo the state law N. 2526 of 2 of January of 2007 says in its article 1: ‘ ‘ The implantation of system for the captation and retention of pluvial waters, collected for roofs is obligator, coverings, terraces and floors discovered, in lots, built or not, that has waterproofed area superior 500m (five hundred square meters). The Served Waters will be directed, through proper plumbing, the destined reservoir to supply the discharges of sanitary vases e, only after such use, will be unloaded in the public net of esgotos.’ ‘ So that a system of pluvial water captation is implanted, is needed that the residence or company around, is installed gutters in the roof so that the water either caught, after the installations of these gutters, a plumbing has that to be made for it directs the collected water ties a reservoir, but before it is stored, it anger to pass for a filter, where first bigger leves and some dirts will be taken off, after the water to be filtered it is stored in the reservoir and which this water will be to be used for some end, a bomb will be responsible for the water sending for a hose until it arrives its final destination as she shows figure 1.

The Public

The process of implantation of model humanizado in the public sector, requires the development of multiple abilities of the profile of the bureaucracy, that characterizes the main part of an institution that gives services. Profile this that is dynamic in the transformation of the server in an agent of changes to extend the art to take care of people, in a mobilization to compose the force for the quality of the public services. This reposicionamento is reflected in new forms to think and to act in search of the development of a new relation of work. This will have to be based on the confidence, the respect and the sharing of the decisions, constructed in the time and the space, in order all to work engaged and satisfied (BLACKSMITH, 2001, p.155). Some aspects are considered basic for a good environment of work and must be fomented by the management of people and developed by all in the institution, as Sovienski can be cited such aspects as being: To admit a social philosophy of humanistic inspiration ‘ ‘ the human being is the citizen, bedding and end of the life social’ ‘ ; To recognize the human potential as the more important strategical resource for the development and institucional success; To involve and to compromise all the servers in the work of improvement of the public service, with emphasis in the participation of the same ones in the management process; To recognize that it is necessary to enable and to professionalize the server so that develops and uses its full potential in coherent and convergent way with the strategical objectives of the institution; To keep all the efforts to create and to keep a organizacional culture that leads to the excellency of the performance to the o individual and institucional growth; To recognize the elements of the society: the citizens, considered individually or in its associative entities, and the institutions of public law and private as natural customers of the institution; To center the focus of the activities of the institutions in the customer, being known them, becoming related with them, measuring the level to them of satisfaction and induced to the social control.

Public Power

The indirect dispossession can be equalized to the appropriation of private property despoliation and, therefore, it can be hindered by means of possessory action. However, if the proprietor not to hinder it at the opportune moment, leaving that the Administration it it gives a public destination, more will not be able to demand the property, therefore the expropriated goods, a time incorporated to the common wealth, cannot be claim object, following orientaes of art. 35 7 of Decree n the 3,365/41 and art. 21 of the Complementary Law n 76/93. Also the dispossession in the situation occurs where the Administration imposes so extensive restrictions to the good in question completely becomes that it emptied of economic content.

Or in the case of the Public Power if not to possess directly of the good, but it imposes limitations that hinder the proprietor to be able to exert total them inherent to the domain of the property. Soon, it is verified that two requirements exist to be configured the indirect dispossession: The good must be incorporated the patrimony of the Public Power, or that determined limitation imposed for this to the use of the good it results in the complete esvaziamento of the economic content of the property; The situation ftica is irreversible. 3. ACTION OF EXPROPRIATED the expropriatria law left clearly that the indirect dispossession provokes the effect to allow the expropriated one to claim to damageses. The order to be formulated by the wronged one is of indemnity, since the loss of the property for the indirect dispossession is the simple generating fact of the action. The decision of this cause does not affect the right-hander of property of the Administration, since in the quality of incorporated good It can to it Public became intangible. The sentence, in case that originating, will condemn the State to indemnify the author, in view of the damages caused in face of the indirect dispossession, verifying the condemnatory content of this.

Ontological Coaching

After reading numerous articles on the socrtico origin of coaching, I have thought about refuting such argumentation. Inlcuso is a company of RRHH and Coaching that is denominated like the Greek philosopher (1). Scrates was not coach, was a philosopher. Perhaps and coaching is a philosophy, but he is not philosophical. The socrtico method arises in the dialogues from its student Plato, as fundamental personage of that work, whose margins the history of the philosophy has been written that is also the history of the western thought. Pealver indicates, that ” accurately; the dialectic standard which finds enseando” (2).

Of all it is known, that the method of Scrates is the maieutic one. That one that by means of questions to the interlocutor, is slowly extracting the wisdom or the sapiencia of the questioned one. Classically it has been interpreted as if an own process of a matron one was. The mother of Scrates thinks that she was midwife of childbirths in Athens. In this sense one says that socrtico process consists more of remove-of, than in put-in (3). And of there, that many coachings affirm that like Scrates, coach can put or never impose the sapiencia, but it must cause that it leaves in the light of coachee (questioned). As if coach made wake up to us of the forgetfulness of the heideggeriano being.

The same Steiner, interpreted that Scrates did not teach anything. But the certain thing is, that Scrates died poisoned with cicuta, by its coacheados or taught fellow citizens. It wants to finish equal, the Coach? coach cannot affirm like ” that one that only knows that nada” does not know;. Coach cannot be limited to listen to oracles of Delphi, nor to pitonisas Greek. Coach cannot exert like a midwife. Scrates was condemned by Athens, for that reason he was ” tbano” of Athens.

Vertices Psychologists

Concepts like their trajectory, their convictions, the values morals, their preferences, their personal sensitivity, their likings of all the life, would not count anything in the personal history of the humanity. Since we have stood out in the text, all the concepts studied in the modules have been reviewed, from the ambiguity of the concept culture that loses the idea of territoriality in favor of the idea of social multiproperty than more geographic, adheriendo itself more to the culture-civilization concept. We also happen through the debate of Universalimos where the cumulative individual happens to be a whole and the particular thing happens to enrich the Universal thing. The concept cultural diversity fruit of the interrelation, contrasts and of the contact between diverse cultures, where the relativismo is explained by interests of being able or the critic to the etnocentrismo and its hierarchies based on the inequalities and/or the tried acculturation that not always obtain like in Maalouf and that we must continue fighting by its coexistence. Also there are outstanding the funcionalista sense of the actions social taking relevance according to the context and the moment. As a result of the final pretension of the text: not to lift the beliefs over truth of the coherence, we have not happened more than of finishing nails through the psychological categories and/or collective personality, where attitudes, behaviors and proper values of the societies are associated that we delimited ourselves territorially. We have visited the idea of another one as it threatens and like idealisation, leaders and foreigners. And mainly we have handled to the interculturalidad terms, criticizing the homogenization like dominant and indiferenciador criterion of the individuals (loss of the identity) with respect to the globalising moment that surrounds to us.

We have not spoken of pluralism, that is rather good and desirable a summation of cultures, but that it entails stratification and coexistence against the interaction idea that a new society with the use of characters, properties or particularitities based on the relevance of the context would generate partly. Either the text speech of multiculturalismo associated to the vindications of national and ethical minorities within a be-nation, del that the Spanish territory is a mosaic to study. And we have used the fundamentalisms, like beliefs, nationalisms, religions, to explain that there are to be discarded, although they are used to justify the genocides and the etnocidios. Accepting like term conciliator a culture sense that secures a consensus in the values, the norms, and that is subject to the changes to balance the relations of being able when these are altered.

Rondas Farmers

Lamentably, for Rondas Farmers wilfulness and freedom for its conversion in Committees of Self-defense were denatured with the DS N 002-93-DE/CCFFAA, when establishing its adjustment forced or obligatory to the mentioned organizational form of self-defense promoted by the security forces, without having sustenance in legal norm some of greater hierarchy. From the historical and normative-functional point of view, Rondas Farmers is different from the Committees of Self-defense in which, first, they arise for the combat of the delinquency, the internal maintenance of order and the resolution of communal conflicts, is independent and permanent and, second, they are originated to face the subversive groups like part of the counter-insurgent state strategy, with the character of transitory and dependent of the Armed Forces. f) The rounds farmers and indigenous the special jurisdiction As it has been indicated previously, the Constitution of 1993, in its article 149, under constitutional configuration of the Peruvian State like a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic nation, when regulating the roll of Rondas Farmers, was affiliated with the spirit of the regulation of the rondero institute contemplated in the General Law of Communities Farmers of 1987 and to a certain extent it picked up the Native reference to Rondas of the Regulation of Organization and Functions of the Committees of Self-defense of 1992, since it recognized its character of organs of support (aid) of the communal authorities native farmers and in the exercise of its jurisdictional functions, within its territorial scope, according to its customary right and with the limit of not violating the fundamental rights of the people. Nevertheless, of the constitutional text it does not appear an express mention to Rondas Farmers organized outside the scope of the Native Communities and the Communities Farmers, who, according to the first Law of Rounds Farmers of 1986, they are in force in which is pertinent by the legislation of the communities farmers without for that reason they become such communities and have like essential functions the defense of their earth, the care of their cattle and other goods, as well as the cooperation with the authorities in the elimination of any crime.

North Americans

And that these impressions, declare, are located in the brain reptile. Rapaille it commented in in one it interviews for Frontline (PBS), 15 of December of 2003. " When you learn a word, whatever, " coffee, " " love, " " mother, " there is always one first time. There is one first time to learn a thing. The first time that includes/understands the meaning, its brain creates a stamp, a mental image of the meaning of that word, creates a mental connection that will continue using all their life Then each word has a mental way. I call a code, an unconscious code in his mente". " He is absolutely crucial for any person who works in communication or journalist, TV, means or marketing if it wants to attract the attention of people, must understand what I denominate the key button of the reptile (the button reptilian hot). If he does not have that button, then he will have to see them with cortex and to work with attributes like the price and things of the sort ".

A stands out, that level of the lmbico brain we acted and we reacted according to our earlier experiences. These learned landlords are based on our experiences, positive as as much negative. The emotions are key to learn. The more hard it is the emotion, the more clearly is learned. The cultural codes pay attention during the first childhood and are very difficult to change. Reference in the writing becomes, that for example, Procter & Gamble asked to him that it discovered the North American cultural archetype for the coffee. Rapaille discovered that the North Americans did not identify themselves with the taste of the coffee, in fact cover with sugar and cream. The early experiences of the North Americans with the coffee are related to the aroma of the coffee that their parents drank in the kitchen while they followed windbreaks in the bed.


The pregnancy is the best moment, as much in the physical plane as in the emotional one, for a woman who wishes to be mother. It is a period that extends by forty weeks, within which we will attend the growth of the baby, miraculous and exciting, and also we will notice in the mother the changes that will be experimenting. We speak in you drink and more of the pregnancy calendar, that will be dictating to us what it happens in the belly of the future mother, and who dictates the passages of growth of the baby until the moment of the childbirth. During the first weeks of this calendar of pregnancy, the changes will be very evident in the mother from the moment at which the fertilization takes place, in week 2 after the last menstruation. Spent the fourth week of pregnancy it is the moment for confirming the state, because when it must have arrived the menstruation we were with a lack. The moment of the confirmation has arrived: you are pregnant. From the physical and psychological emotions and changes they will be made more evident here and arriving or at the seventh u eighth week you will have the first ecography, the one that will confirm the good state of the pregnancy and the fetus, as well as how many embryos we are developing.

He is a little while delicate and here he is indispensable to be in the hands of your gynecologist to confirm that everything is perfectly. The third month of pregnancy is the moment at which the embryo takes human form and in addition, begins to move vigorously. The ears, the fingers, the internal organs, the bones begin to form and little by little its development will become more evident, being able already to be listened to the beats of its small heart. And the mother will feel plus the own annoyances of the pregnancy like nauseas, the fatigue and the mareos. The progress of the pregnancy either the more evident is passed weeks 13 and 14, the baby or can distinguish flavors, she moves the more and the sex of the baby by means of ecography can be explained. The body of the mother is accustomed already and is leaving back the moments of hormonal effervescence that so many annoyances can cause.

The pregnancy calendar is taking month to us to month towards new sensations and meanwhile the baby grows quickly: in the fifth month the baby grows much, to duer to me, adopts positions, moves and much, she can listen and to react to some stimuli the moment approaches little by little and the activity of the baby is well-known. As of the sixth month the baby enough is already trained, and a premature birth in sixth, seventh month, can finish happily in a 99% of the occasions. From the increase of weight of the mother he is much more well-known here and as it is approached the outcome is going away to notice more Is the moment for preparing stock-market the hospital and to prepare itself to receive to the small one that it comes. The moment from the childbirth, the waited for moment arrives more, and according to the calendar of the pregnancy it is the moment for preparing itself so that takes place at any time.

Internet Family

It is noticed that the difficulty to express itself in public can have come from the school, therefore is in the school that the pupil starts to perceive that differences exist: where the great majority of that it possesss greater access the culture, by means of the reading of books, Internet, and/or parents with better social standards, is considered falantes, most intelligent, the ones that take off greaters notes; excessively is less intelligent, the notes lowest. These factors give to the individual edge for the success or the failure in agreement its psychological development. Destarte, SANTOMAURO clarifies: Who does not present its ideas with clarity or badly defends its arguments ahead of a group faces problems in such a way in the classroom as in the professional life. (NEW SCHOOL, March 2010, P. 43). The constant transformation in the life of the pupil if of the one from that it if does not feel fearful in displaying its ideas without thinking that he is if expressing missed or that to its debates and its arguments they are entering in controversies with the subject debated at that moment is necessary that the family next to the school has repassed a reliable feeling, that is basic for the development of this pupil. To communicate itself in different contexts is question of social inclusion, and is paper of the school to teach this, or still, it is this that allows the pupils if to appropriate of the slight knowledge and techniques and the instruments to the development of its capacity of expression in communication situation.

(op. Cit. 2010, P. 43) the education, however, does not have to be the service of the values of the market, and yes of the society, the family which worried about the psychic and intellectual development of its pupils they look to live deeply each educational moment next to the school, giving emphasis to the knowledge acquired for them inside of the pertaining to school institution, stoning them to be professional of critical qualities and not to think mere viewers of high remuneration. .