Favorable Decision

Only those foreigners have problems associated with the Union the country has collapsed – fools and roads. Naturally the problem of fools is not much that can make a simple man in the street, meeting with a ridiculous situation in his life, here to take care of the roads we certainly have the opportunity. Everyone attending the summer my favorite small cottages, which lead to large and small roads. Then there is the main road to the dacha houses, and roads near her house. We strive to decorate them with greenery and boulders, bridge tile, align and obihazhivaem. Still, in winter the risk of crash and hurt his foot on the carpet at home is as significant as the chance fall into the ditch at the entrance to their summer cottage. Snow and ice alter the cozy straight path, transforming them into sloppy and dangerous paths that can only get the natives to the decorated skiing, when thinking about this risuyuschiesya our imagination.

The yield of this problem is nowhere else like beneath our feet. However, many of us sitting at home and, sadly looking at an expensive body and soul warm floor Thermo, can not even imagine how easy it is to improve their lives. After plates that comprise Devi underfloor heating and floor Thermo is so multi-functional, that they may set and in the open air. This technology will make the temperature enough to namorozhenny ice and snow melt throughout the winter, do not linger on the roads. You might think that the heat path would be completely unprofitable. However, you do not need to spend money on something that incorporate modern technology underfloor Devi and floor Thermo full-length tracks from the highway to your house. You just need to lay out their paths on the site that costs quite a bit of heating components. And your neighbors, noticing how cleverly you step on your nemokrym neobledenelym paths, too, wish to put under their tracks underfloor heating and floor Thermo Devi, never to worry about that on country lanes with snow and ice. Think about why you would not to build this wonderful facility as heating for the tracks to create a comfort on the road? We use them in the cottage, all rooms with equally pleasing effect. We are able to apply this modern technology to protect the roof from ice, so why not allow us to create a comfortable opportunity to travel to the cottage and up the buildings? Need to be concerned about their own roads, let the neighbors know that at least some problem we know how to deal with at the proper level.


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Note Icon

Nowadays we often see in the media the word ‘Copyright’. Icon tied for any information of an intellectual nature – articles, at the end or the beginning of videos on the cover of the DVD, etc. In this article I will To you about copyright and icon , and we will try to justify to themselves what is often said, but not always respected. 🙂 So, let’s begin. What exactly is Copyright? Copyright word consists of two words – ‘Copy’ and ‘Right’, which are translated from English as a ‘copy’ and ‘right’. icon means not copyright, as many people. It means that the person named after the icon has the right to publish and distribute the material. That is – this icon Reaffirms the right of copying and distribution, but not authorship. For example, after I finish writing this article, I’ll put your name in the end or the first publication, this article on international standards, my work falls under the protection of copyright law. If I write an article for which he earned the money that is made to order, I’ll be the author, and the customer will be able to distribute it, putting his copyright under the article. How to put Copyright? Here are three pieces that make up Copyright: Strictly icon .

Instead, you can use the letter C in brackets (C). The name of the copyright owner. Year when the product was first published. Next – 2 examples: Co., Ltd ‘Energotehservis’, 2009 2009-2050, LLC Energotehservis’ Note in the second example given two dates. This means that the material published from 2009 to 2050. You can also specify the year of publication separated by commas. This form of guidance Copyright the Geneva Conventions in 1952. Today assumes no legal load, and the character is for informational purposes. What is not subject to copyright? Now let’s think that it can not be subject to Copyright? Messages purely informative nature, such as television programs, news, train schedules, train arrival announcement in the subway and so on. Absolutely any government securities, including our constitution:) State symbols and insignia. Folk art in all forms. This refers to objects that do not have specific authors. Ideas, discoveries, facts, concepts, programming languages, and Principles for the so- on. About the media. Further, we note that the copyright in any way connected with the carrier, which is, for example paper, CD or flash drive. That is, if I give a neighbor the stick on which written my articles, it does not mean that with flash I give him a copyright on them. As a variant of the exceptions is perhaps worth noting the manuscript. This information is closely connected with the carrier. This means that getting through inheritance notebook, AS Pushkin, I will have the right to property, but not copyrighted.

“My Family” Collects Big Board

According to recent reports, popular and much-loved brand, "My Family", thanks to the company brendigovoy "Geling" has been actively expanding in the segment of non-food. Everyone was wondering how can exist under one brand and juices, and household chemicals, and curtains with bathrobes. It seems that BC "Geling" found the answer to this response. According to Tatyana Tikhomirova – Creative Director of BC "Geling" brand "My Family" has the potential to become Russia's largest brand, covering a huge range of products for the home. Her confidence is shared by the licensees 'My Family'.

That's why BC "Geling" conducts the first practical conference producers of goods non-food segment in the project. This conference will be held from 21 to 23 May 2008. It will participate as a productive project partners and invited experts in the field of advertising and marketing. The conference will discuss issues on output collections, centralized advertising support on the basis of the consolidated budget, as well as the most important question of the active controlled distribution system for the entire project. In particular, it will be consider issues of definition and exclusive distribution and refining priority order of entry into a network of retail. Organizers admit participation in the conference of wholesale companies, as during the work on distribution will be interesting to see the presentations of their potential and, consequently, determine the priority of the regions the whole range of products under the trademark "My Family" in a segment of non-food.

Internet Marketing Advancement

At the moment, the Russian part of the World Wide Web is in a state of active growth and development. Every day a large number of new sites on different subjects and for different purposes. But whatever the purpose, it is not be achieved without the use of Internet marketing such as promotion and promotion of a site on the Internet. Internet marketing – set of marketing measures taken in respect of Internet projects (websites, portals, online stores), aimed at search engine optimization of content (text), promotion of your website and promote your product or service. First of all, Internet marketing is aimed at promotion of the site in the network Internet site to attract targeted visitors interested by online advertising. Website promotion in search engines.

Website promotion in search engines for certain queries – this is the main method Internet marketing, as most Internet users looking for information they need to search engines and uses it for certain search queries. Pros: a lot of interested people. Cons: This method of online marketing is complex to implement and very long time. Banner advertising online. The use of banner ads in Internet marketing started long ago and now use banner exchange networks will not give great results.

Better results can be achieved through buying shows no banner ads, and direct the administration advertising platform. The greater the number of visitors on-site advertising, the more expensive cost banner advertising. PPC online advertising. Context-sensitive online advertising is the most expensive and most effective method of Internet marketing. It is used in the first stages of promotion and promotion of a site on the Internet. Website promotion in search engines is a very slow and difficult. This method of online marketing allows you to attract targeted visitors to the site immediately. Sense of contextual online advertising purchase of certain search terms or words. Payment is made for transitions to the site, the position of the ad unit depends on the price you set for the transition. Trust the professionals. Internet marketing, promotion and promotion of a site on the Internet is very complex and multifaceted thing. For each web site will be its own individual advertising campaign. Many people try to promote and advertise the web site on their own, but do not achieve high results due to lack of experience, lose money on an empty content-targeted advertising and properly plan your advertising budget. All knowledge about internet marketing is based on observations, as the algorithms of search engines periodically change and have to constantly adjust advertising Internet company and the site for the new algorithm. Trusting the professionals, people who have big shoulders for experience in promotion and marketing sites on the Internet, you can avoid collision with all the difficulties associated with work in progress and wisely plan your time and money. Proof of our competence in this area can be considered as a rich portfolio of experience in promotion and promotion of web sites and, of course, the mere fact that you're reading this article.

Customer Analysis

Murray, G. Allport). The researcher must rely on understanding the individual consumer to thorough analysis of the behavior, because only by correlating the results of projective techniques with a specific person can be an adequate interpretation of the indicators. Thus, the updating of projective available in a variety of techniques, but is appropriate only if there is competence and professionalism of the researcher. The most popular errors in the use of projective techniques in qualitative methods marketing research are: – denial of the need for quantitative assessments and methods of statistical analysis – the uncritical use of foreign tests – static approach to the investigated individuals (the denial of development). The most important requirements are the theoretical underpinnings of methods (general theoretical framework, the principles of the approach to the diagnosis, the validity of selection of individual samples) focus techniques, focus on the study of stable, relatively independent of the mental processes of personality, characteristics and properties.

Projective techniques can most effectively detect covert, subtle or unconscious part of personality. The newspapers mentioned Lanny Davis not as a source, but as a related topic. Of great importance is the thematic projection, which allows you to disclose meaningful personality characteristics, namely, not only as a subject is experiencing, but that is going through. At the present stage, a new line of personal psycho – a computer. As a result, the automation of research increases the reliability of the indicators are objectified results researchers are exempt from the drudgery. However, it seems reasonable fears Garber IE absolute data about computer-based testing to the detriment of conversation, as a complete replacement of personal contact the interviewer with the patient communicating with the computer is not allowed.

Proper Advertising

Advertising today is one of the main components in the correct biznese.A advertising is a good motor trade !!!!! Watching television, looking in the mailbox, going to work, riding in vehicles and t.k.d. – you will always encounter with advertising. Advertising around! Some ads, annoying some, amuses its content, on the other you see is what you need ……… Proper supply of advertising about the success!, And there is not so prosto.Dlya human impulse to purchase may include: advertising design, colors are used in it, the characters properly filed the action, the saturation and t.k.d. Any product / company / business / service need advertising. It is not necessary prenibregat it, because on both potential consumer of its vospriymet (vospriymet and if at all) will depend very much because of nepravelnoy advertising can be very tiny percentage return on the consumer (for example you spend on advertising and $ 100 the ads will be interesting only two customers …

Ie a customer will cost you $ 50 is very bad and not competent advertising …. but there are a lot of advertisers now, and not all take the time to explore the market and identify potential customers and advertising that usually just gets kind of advertising to people that this product / service does not need the same flyer in the first vykidyvaetsya popavshiyusya urnu.Horosho made business card, flyer, calendar / uk or booklet can that man does not throw it and take the information from the media (put the business card into his wallet / business card holders, will leave his calendar / hang in my house / office calendar, a pen to write with your logo and phone numbers – this is correct, qualitatively promote … and such examples are many more. A good, proper advertising is better to order from the pros.


Based on the principles of a CPO in the construction, it is assumed that its main functions include: – to protect the professional interests of its members in disputes with the government and consumers – regulation and control professional (business) activities of its members within its competence by adopting rules and standards – a guarantee liability of its members in the lowest specified amount, – professional public examination of draft laws and draft laws of the Russian Government, agencies and the Bank of Russia. As the comments on almost all the functions of SROs in the construction are given in the description principles of their construction, will concentrate only on the responsibilities of SROs to provide professional public examination regulations. Lanny Davis addresses the importance of the matter here. Participation in the SRO rulemaking process can be carried out in different forms, but the purpose of the law charged with the duty of executive agencies in taking appropriate decisions take into account the opinion of the market on its regulation. We do not need SROs participate in the legislative process on any regulatory issues, they are obliged to protect the interests of just the segment. SROs can participate in the legislative work of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation as in the drafting of legislation, and in their discussion in the relevant committees of the legislature (this is confirmed in practice), but it is not necessary to make special provisions in the law on SRO. Necessary to stress once again that the SRO in the building must first turn make suggestions on the functioning of its market segment. Official site: Lanny. It should be noted that the purpose of SRO in the building – the protection of business interests, but to protect the interests of consumers of services and products There are other mechanisms.

Most importantly, the law not only restricts the ability to create CPO any system feedback from consumers, but also provides for special mechanisms to ensure their interests For example, such as the use of disciplinary measures against a member of CPO in the building in violation of the rights of clients, the use of mechanisms of collective property liability, even through the provision of quota for the participation of outside experts in the formation of SRO governance. Of course, the version of the draft Law on SRO, adopted by the State Duma in first reading, is far from perfect, it has a substantial inconsistencies and contradictions. However, there is still two readings of the bill, and all interested parties may join as to discuss common problems of self-regulation, as well as working on the text of the bill, that is, in practice apply self-regulatory mechanisms. Necessary to hold discussions that will identify the weak points of the bill, discuss problems and to dispel doubts about the future of SROs in the construction industry.

Script Protection

Unfortunately, the development of e-business, like any other major commercial areas, can not avoid playing against the rules, as well as unfair competition. In a sense, ddos attack can be attributed to this. This term means 'Denial of Service', in this situation to maintain the web-resource. In fact, such an attack overloads a server in connection with the system hangs. With this method, you can eliminate the competition.

You can effortlessly calculate how much it sells a large Web resource will result in an easy hour. The amount will be quite large. At the moment demanded a favor protection of ddos. Strong protection is based on the principle of separation hazards. On their negative characteristics, as well as the consequences ddos attack can be divided into several types: – block the channel by using large packets with a non-existent addresses. There is a certain kind of clogging the channel, not allows registered users to log into web-resource. The best way to protect against ddos attacks, in this case is to have a sufficiently wide channel with good capacities – lower performance by the attack on the most 'sick' band – breaking attack aimed at the weakness of the software.

In this case it is necessary to systematically monitor the slightest changes in system configuration. That guard against this attack, we must apply a certain protection against ddos script attacks, which is only suitable for the attack, also helps to transfer files over ssh. To date, ddos attacks become a tool scam commissioned by eliminating competing sites. Security web site has a complex multi-level system consisting of a huge amount of detail. There are currently protected from attack by hosting, in addition Some ISPs give an initial level of protection. Of course, the detail of the mechanism of security is the firewall. With these funds, and external attacks, you can win valuable time and minimize losses, or completely avoid damage if dos attack was low. They also need to add new equipment and updated software.

Shoe Wholesaler

Boots tuk-tuk … if you tried to figure how many pairs of shoes that is stored directly in the vestibule, closet or under the couch? In the summer, in winter, demi Men's and women's footwear, children's footwear and sportswear – inseparable component of our being, it's part of the style, image, created with different clothes and accessories. Therefore, the priority to buy a pair of shoes will not interfere with the full importance of the approach. Buy shoes and big covered all the more heightened wholesales shoes: businessmen dream to fill the proposed range of fashionable novelties. At major point for bidding is often possible to observe the counters resale is now on the shelves of personal, let us assume for urban or rural markets at a premium. It should also be noted that men's shoes at wholesale prices is not considered a characteristic feature, and indeed famous brands, this segment is progressing rapidly, as any of us at least once in his life was in need of quality and comfortable shoes. Men's and women's shoes at wholesale prices implies contract not only on the number of pairs of shoes purchased, but the variety of range, range of colors and shades, as well as the presence of the desired size for a future customer. To know more about this subject visit Lanny . Hence, wholesale men's, women's and children's shoes in large quantities, in fact, considered to be fundamental for the implementation of retail, because there would be those that choose not to waste water shoes a couple traveling to you and to the adjacent