Customer Potential

How do they work? Once a potential customer send us an email to the autoresponder address, this will automatically send the information requested by the customer. The autoresponder will have become a very popular tool and its use can increase our profits between 20 and 25 percent. Advantages of an autorespondedor are so large, any disadvantage that might have seen overshadowed by its benefits. Essential components of an autoresponder. Not all autoresponder are created the same way. There are thousands of companies that offer this service, as well as how varied are the structure of services and prices offered. Chobani Refugees often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Advantages of the autoresponder speed is the main reason for using autoresponder and its use is vital to the success of our business. Today, we live in an environment in which we are greedy for information and do not want to wait several days, hours and even minutes to get it. We simply want it now! This is especially true when we answer a classified ad requesting that they expand the information. Advertising online-well written should play to our potential customers in their emotions and generate a response of the same, forcing him to ask for more information. When emotions are involved, it is absolutely necessary that as marketing professionals give an immediate response to this request for information. To give such information, we will make our commercial message is read in the best possible environment: when the potential customer is hot. This is the reason why mentioned previously that the proper use of an autoresponder can increase our profits between a 20 and 25 per cent! Cost in contrast to other ads, in which the potential customer plays send mail postage so that it might be sent information, with the autoresponder to the potential customer costs you request more information.

Virtual University

To work in Internet is synonymous of phrases like financial freedom , to work from house or independent business and is not in vain this relation since to fulfill those objectives nothing else it is needed a computer, a connection to Internet, desire to work and much creativity. Now, the best thing of everything is than those tools we have almost all the human beings nowadays, and I say all by the two almost first, since still people exist who for want of resources or education still do not accede to Internet, because, the desire to work if we do not have them we needed all, and the creativity we have all. The creativity is a quality that all human being has by nature and that nothing else depends on us to explore it and to make it work for our benefit. People more creative exist than others, that I do not question, but I am certainly to arrive at that degree of creativity, those people are had careful to train it, to educate it and to develop it. Keith Yamashita contributes greatly to this topic. In Internet the creativity is very important, but also the technique is important, the education, the sacrifice and the vision of future.

The entrepreneur online must be a person of mind open and predisposed to constantly investigate on the new Technologies of Information and Communication, the tendencies and the consequences of those advances in the society. To work in Internet is much more simple and funny than it seems, and it requires in the beginning of an initial investment like any other business, that more than nothing is related to its time, and that starting in the balance a traditional business against the businesses in Internet, considering the results, the reach and the possibilities of expansion, the investment for the businesses in Internet is minimum! But thus also, that investment can be in vain if You do not dedicate the sufficient thing to your business and is not sufficiently creative. Internet is a forged gigantic market of opportunities, but simultaneously, it is a very competitive market. You must be creative to stand out before the others, concentrates his creativity in creating a product of quality and utilcela at the time of promoting his business, is creative in their marketing by Internet, exist thousands of tools in the Web 2,0 that you can use to promote his business. A very potential business in Internet for example is the qualification, where with a little creativity and the correct techniques You can mount a true Virtual University in Internet. In order to finish, I invite to him to visit where it will find a guide recommended to initiate a business of qualification in Internet. And it remembers, explores its creativity, all we are creative, utilcela to make money in Internet. Original author and source of the article.

Hamburg Account

When the same accountant examines the "Consultant Plus" – he was busy janitorial work. If the IT specialist diagnoses the incident – he performs productive work, when exploring new equipment – Relief. Classification of works by one expert (line manager) at the implementation stage of Hamburg Account. As an indicator of workload of staff, we offer use a set of metrics, "Efficient Load" (the share of productive work in total work performed). Obviously, for workers and regimented, "creative" work load should be measured effective differently. But most importantly, in both cases it is measured automatically using SelfTrace.

However, when assessing the workload of employees of regulated labor program works in the "Automatic Timing"; when assessing the workload of employees 'creative' work mode is "Samohronometrazh." Learn more about these modes can be found here: Information on effective load in different contexts (for employees departments, projects, business processes, etc.) is automatically recorded in the database. With the help of special tools that are part of the Hamburg accounts, this information is statistically treated and presented in convenient for analysis. One of these concepts is to display graphs of effective load tied to a single timeline, see Figure 1. Thus, the definition of "bottlenecks" and inefficient use of resources becomes a purely technical problem. "Partitioning" performance "Partitioning" performance – the definition of fair value of planned performance (threshold, the Plan, Call).

Recall that the planned values used in calculating the average values of efficiency. On how to correct this problem will be solved to a large extent on the success of the introduction of management by KPI. Using the Hamburg Account allows you to solve this problem by rationing of labor. Consider a simple example. Specialist Services is engaged in telemarketing business meetings with potential clients. One of the performance of his work is the number of appointments. Objective: To determine the fair value of plan (Threshold, the Plan, call) indicator "number of appointments." Consider one of the possible algorithms for solving this problem (they may differ): Define a list of activities classified as productive (effective) potential customers search the Internet, phone calls, correspondence, telephone negotiations, etc. (Optional) Develop expertise to assess the effectiveness of working time in carrying out these works, as well as the expertise to assess the validity of the results of timing. Develop Examinations are usually not too difficult. In this case nothing but common sense is not representative for trebuetsya.V time period (eg quarter) weekly measure, first, the number of designated meetings, and secondly, the values of effective load. The measurement results represent in tabular form. The values of the effective load for each period recorded in the table under avtomaticheski.Na information received is calculated: the mean significant time spent on organizing a meeting, the minimum significant time, the maximum significant time, percentile 75%> (dropped 25% highest values) percentile 75% Having a reliable statistical estimates of time spent on the appointment of a single meeting, as well as knowing the proportion of working time, which should occur in the execution of the business functions (search potential customers), the determination of fair values of the efficiency plan (Threshold, the Plan Challenge) becomes a purely technical problem. A similar technique can be used for the diagnosis of failure to achieve HR planning performance indicators.

Internet Services

To get sales on the Internet must promote not products and services, but yourself. Promotes your name, create your image within your niche market expert, helps people solve their problems free of charge and sales will come if same. To make someone buy what you are promoting, first people have to trust us. It is a truth acknowledged by all entrepreneurs with Internet experience. What is very important to know, is how get to have this image, so that people you recognize as a true expert. Many entrepreneurs beginners make a serious mistake in promoting only their products and services, or the products and services within the affiliate programs to which they belong. James Woolsey is actively involved in the matter. This is a serious mistake that has led to thousands and thousands of people to failure! Because by how much they strive and how many ads you put if nobody knows you no one you will buy, or is affiliated with you! And the only reason is because your potential buyers do not trust it.

And they do not trust because you do not know. So your potential buyers start to trust you you need to conquer your confidence! In the midst of a huge competition of the same products and services offerings will win always and only those, who have managed to establish certain relations of trust with your potential buyers. Therefore, to get sales on the Internet the first thing you have to do is promote your own image, your own name and show people that you are a true professional and expert in your area of activity. There are several ways to do this: edit your own electronic newsletter, write free reports, publish articles, create videos and distribution over the network, organize conferences, etc. It is very important to offer very good free content, that will help your potential clients to solve certain problems, related to the theme of your business to your specific market.

You don’t have to think that if it’s free it must be regular. Your free content have to be even better than the payment! Just so the people will start to treat you as an expert. Only in this way your potential customers go to supporting you at the time when they have problems and, as a result, will buy your products and services and not those of your competition. Write articles for your own Web site and other Internet sites, edit your newsletter and start to create your own list of subscribers, prepares some free mini-curso that clarify the advantages of having your product or service, answers the doubts of your contacts and potential buyers. The main thing that within these materials you do not sell anything. They will be the same contents that will lead people to make the decision to purchase.


Average time between replacements (replaced, overhauls, etc.) Annual oil consumption or reason of consumption. Reason between programmed shutdowns and total shutdowns. Productivity in operation and total productivity. When one is to reach these indicators, and why no! to surpass them, they concern the details. This leads to the micro handling of the equipment by means of a proactive control of the excellent details to the trustworthiness and availability.

To apply this strategy requires of the measurement of a series of conditions, that are susceptible of routine control, measurement and sampling. Simplsimo example of micro measurement is in the objective of Pollution level established for some lubricant of a specific equipment according to international norms. To sum up what one is to obtain is to control the occurrence of the key causes origin of faults. As the 100% of the key causes they cannot be controlled, here also it operates rule 80/20, reason why the attention in 20% of the causes is due to center that originate 80% of the faults. An interesting aspect with respect to the causes origin and the micro conditions control that them, is that for many of them, to be monitored coarse with sensorial observations like hearing, tact, sense of smell, sound and of course vision.

The techniques and tools of the oil monitoring In Situ extend and enrich to future to the technicians, especially when the report of anomalies begins. When adding the oil monitoring with other technologies of proactive mantencin to the routine protocols of inspection, along with obtaining a complete film of the state of the lubricants, advances in a knowledge of the state of health or condition of the equipment. c) Identifying and informing recordable conditions: For equipment critics, the oil monitoring must always take place based on its condition and not by fixed temporary parameters (monthly, every 4 months, each 600 Hrs, etc.

Effective Communication

Communication and language always impressed me the language and the use that we make of him. Perhaps because it is something every day, we use it since we are born and why not give the importance that has. It is regrettable that we can not sit to think about what we do with our words, since with them we can build or destroy. A spoken word is like an arrow released, never again to your place, can exalt praise, support or motivate someone and likewise can hurt, offend and even destroy. We use the language and the word to communicate to us, but we are not aware of what we are communicating, the message we give. It is so important that he could attributing our good or bad social relations, couple or family. If it’s serious, but more serious still is our own inability to see it. If we had so clear where our words and the depths that touch for good or for evil in the heart and the feelings of others then arrive would be much more careful when we use them, and We aprovechariamos to reinforce, positive things in others.

The bad misunderstandings do happen? How and why are there? There is only one way of seeing reality, said in other words, we see things according to our own personality, from our own personal angle, therefore our vision is parcializada, or incomplete. We believe the possessors of the truth, we assume that everyone sees things in the same way as we do and let me tell you that there are two mistakes in this approach. Every one who sees the reality, since their own way to do it, from its history, and their previous experiences, from his subjectivity, according to their own interests and attitudes. On the other hand the second error is in believing that we see as reality and as it is, but not so we have a perception to speak in any way and such as we saw in the example of the picture of the hand, skewed the facts.

Head Coaching

In this case employees do not fear that they will be ridiculed or thoughtlessly discarded. Moreover, it is motivated to make their suggestions for improvement business processes. And a creative idea, if it has been properly evaluated and accepted, gives rise to many new ideas. Effective use of people and skills and resources. The head is often even not aware of the what hidden resources at its disposal as long as the conduct does not start coaching.

In the process of coaching, he opened many previously hidden talents of the employees of his team, as well as solving practical problems (Sometimes quite unexpected), which can detect only those who are regularly confronted with them. Coaching allows you to use the working capacity of the employee or the team is 100%. Fast and effective response to critical situation. If people feel the atmosphere of respect and recognition, they are always ready to act to protect the interests of the company in a critical situation. Additional work, temporary deterioration of working conditions will not be for are a big problem and will be received with understanding.

Moreover, the staff will do everything possible to avoid critical situations, and do it themselves, without further guidance manual. Creative flexibility adaptation to change. Increased competition in the market, innovative technologies, economic uncertainty and social instability are demanding greater flexibility and adaptability. Coaching allows you to very quickly adapt to any changes, which is very important in today's business world. Motivation. In our time, the "stick" and "carrot" to motivate staff are becoming less and less relevant. People work at will, and not under duress. Coaching helps people open up, to realize its full potential and enjoy their work, improve self-esteem. Of course, that this people are motivated by quality performance of their duties, to a productive and quality work. On the advantages of coaching can talk long and hard. Indeed, today it is the most effective style of management personnel, a powerful tool to achieve amazing results. Coaching – it's not a theory is, above all, practice. The practice is not difficult to master, but an unusually effective. To see this manager is enough just try to use coaching in their work. And the result will certainly be positive.

Functional Strategy

This ministry is represented in the territory for ten (10) companies and eleven (11) basic units of domestic companies based in the capital. For the selection of companies under study used a non-probability sampling or trial, whichever is the ten (10) companies, due to its size, nature of their production and commercial production volumes, had the most important role in the results economic sector. As a result of the study, in selected companies, were able to identify some common characteristics and problems. These results indicate a low innovative behavior and poor development of GTI-mechanical sector Villa Clara, which the confidentiality of the information is presented only in aggregate (all companies and in percentage terms), without showing the name entities, although come to general conclusions, all of which are summarized as follows: a Of the total sample, only has all the information requested within four (4) entities (40%). General information on innovation is the greatest difficulty is to obtain it.

Here are some facts, but it is recognized that are not relevant. Generally, this is a difficulty that is manifested either by the unavailability of the information requested because it does not have areas of R & D projects and / or there is a lack of knowledge managers with issues ranging from the GTI, occurring in the information system of these entities are not registered concepts such as innovation expenditure, revenue from innovation, and so on. a Almost all of-eight (8) companies (80%) – manage innovation activities and operationally reactive, so the GTI is not a functional strategy in the Company.