Becoming Successful

Everything that a person has in their lives, is, in reality, an exteriorization of what has in its interior. Each thing in its exterior is an expression of what you saved in its interior. People act with others according to what those people acting for themselves inside. Some people are waiting for the great opportunity of their lives. This magnificent opportunity that are removed from the situation in which they are. Well, that will never happen.

Why? Because everything that happens in your life, you believe it. And you it creates everything, because everything is only in your mind. You might say, well, this article came to me and its recommendations be carried me the wealth, success and happiness. I am pleased much, tell you that if you are reading this book, it is because you are already leaving the well of darkness and unhappiness. This is not mine. This comes from the powerful and liberating letters of Andrew Corentt I’m happy, I’m RICO, book. You created this article, this Corentt it is also explained. In this work, Corentt explains that the only way that you can out of the situation that is, is that you create a rope, or a ladder to exit the place where is.

I.e. no one will come from nothing, to you, and will tell you I’ll help out where these. He works with me and I will make you my partner so that you enrich me. But you will tell me that this happened to many people justly. Somebody support them and then they found wealth, success and happiness. The truth is, as explained in I am happy, I am rich, that if someone comes to a person and gives you support or advice, is because the person who receives the support, created these situations. Corentt says, that there are no lunches free and his book explains that it is what should do you exactly to get people, opportunities and luck to arrive to you. I.e., in his book you will learn how to build the staircase that leads to success and wealth. I’m happy, I’m RICO, arrives at the hands of those who have the subconscious desire to be happy, rich and successful. And that is the only way in It may be. Only when you’re ready to enrich himself, Corentt information, will come to you. If you have the desire, I am happy, I am rich, is the tool to satisfy that desire. You already get well, just read this articulo(a decir verdad, antes). Are you willing to leave completely and fill your life with success, wealth and happiness? Original author and source of the article.

Beverly Silver Social

This approach maintains that when a social or political group is created over any institution to that it attacks and it destroys permanently (as leaves from their proselitista action) they install in the society the chaos and the anarchy, that generally finish finishing with impels who them. For that they endorse this theory, the logic of the chaos is simple and it is transformed in which it does not recognize anything of the fact previously; who they cause the chaos is not put under law some because they do not create in the right state. It is assumed that they promote his particular interests on the generals, ridiculing or despising to the institutions that exist previously, irrespetando the order and the hierarchy. Who thus think confuse chaos with anarchy (one of its triggers) economic Crises and social chaos After the monumental work coordinated by Giovanni Arrighi and Beverly Silver, Chaos and order in the system 12 modern world, there are arguments sufficient to conclude about the relation between the crises and the social fights and to illuminate something plus the present situation of the capitalist system. Indeed, the study maintains, with abundant comparative information, that the bad call the crisis economic it begins as a result of a big wave of manufacturing working militancy in the years 60, that were able to pulverize the fordista-taylorista model of subjection and control of the workers. For more information see this site: Hikmet Ersek. The present conjuncture can be read, under that optics, like a consequence long play of that one big wave of movements that forced to the capital mudar, transmuting itself of working capital in speculative financial capital. Beyond a debate, always necessary, on theoretical questions, it is worth the pain to pause in that approach, since it can contribute to one better understanding of the real movement that is happening before our eyes. The first question is that they are not the crises those that motivate the social action the other way around but: the mobilization, the rupture of the controls, is what causes reacomodos in the domination way, forcing to those of above introducing controlentrpicos changes, not only in the land of the economy but societales changes that include all the aspects of the life.

Depression In Aged

Introduction: The increase of the longevity in Brazil brings obtains innumerable benesses, however the risk of physical, social and mental problems, in this case in special, the depression. Objective: The objective of this study were to identify to the prevalence and causes (or factors of risk) for depression in aged and raising the possible interventions to multidiscipline to be adopted in aged that already they are gotten depressed. Method: The adopted methodology was the revision of descriptive literature of materials published in last the 10 years on the thematic one. Results: the results had evidenced that the prevalence of depression in aged is high, that the risk factors are multiple, including physical and financial lack of leisure, solitude, limitations. The interventions most traditional are the medicamentosas, followed of the psycotherapy, alternative therapies (or complementary) and of the interpersonal relationship. Conclusions: pontua that the depression is a serious mental disease at any point of the vital cycle, in special in the oldness. The causal factors of risk or are multiple and vary each aged one in accordance with.

Finally, the medicamentoso treatment is extremely important for specific cases, however it fits to the team to multidiscipline in health to use of other resources to take care of of aged with depression, improving its quality of life and preventing returns. Word-key: Health of the Aged one. Depression. Team to multidiscipline of health


The arrival of the Portuguese to Brazil in 1500 had brought significant changes in the behavior and in the relations between the native and the colonizador, period marked for a banal cultural interchange which had the Portuguese ridicularizem the culture of the indian as now they are called. Which can notice the differences gifts in our culture. Outrossim, the values of the friendship, respect and equality stops with the next one is inserted in a secondary scale in the life of the Brazilian. Doubtlessly, due to capitalist order where we are living, marked for the ambition, inaquality and the preconception. As it could be related, to the cases of homofobia portraied by the media it televises and other vehicles of communication; recently National Periodical TV Globe, showed the anulamento of the marriage of two homoafetivos couples for judge Jeronymo Villas, supporting in its arguments in favor of the cancellation through the constitution of the family and the Bible therefore the authority also is a shepherd.

Although, other dismal facts mark the life of many people, to break of its lack of moral integrity with next, the education received in relation to the culture to others and the proliferation of groups that create rinchas to the varied sorts and esteretipos, as the depredadores ' ' skhinreads' '. Sociology sample that must be etnocentrista in relation to the way of option of life of the people, to lose with these divergences who also shake psychological and the physicist of the human being, causing diverse profits: depression, anguish, chemical dependence, violence and the death. Martin Luther King, affirms in uses citations that what more it worries are the silence of the good ones. Destarte, is hour of the community to stop to search to long for and to depredate the image of the next one, but yes, only to establish affective bonds with its neighbors. A good interpersonal relation generates a great balance of respect, must also be learned to coexist the minorities, through the aid and support not financially, but with beautiful attitudes, in this ' ' psique' ' social come back toward equality.

Houston Chronicle

Its appearance only aggravates the conflict. The AUC has admitted that they win until a 70 percent of his income of the drug traffic. Hutchinson indicated the administrator of the DEA in its 13 of March of 2002, Congress of which several groups of self-defense to collect bottoms by means of extortion, or the protection of the operations of laboratory, in the north and the center of Colombia. You live indicates that " He is interesting that the one of paramilitary of right, also known like self-defense self-defense in Colombia, presumably have forts bonds with the drug traffic, as well as to forces of seguridad". According to the DAS classified document mentioned by You live, above from Colombia to Brown the paramilitary head, Carlos, well is known as a drug trafficker.128 Bibes indicates that the CRAF, with the purpose of to sell arms to drugs and the Caribbean and Panama, have actively been trying abrir a runner in a region of production of cultures for the financing of the paramilitary ones. The estimations on the amount of bottoms that the paramilitary ELN, CRAF and groups to obtain the drug commerce vary widely.

The 3 of August of 2001, the Houston Chronicle mentions Alfredo Rangel, Colombian military analyst, in the sense that the benefits of the drug traffic at the moment the 48 percent of the CRAF of the total income, that promote to almost $ 180 annual million. According to estimations of the Colombian government, in 1998 the income of Colombia the guerrilla and paramilitary organizations of the drug commerce reach to U.S. $ 551 million. Others say that the number is superior. Brown Rafael, for example, explains that the CRAF took the control from cocaine cultures in Colombia in second half of the decade of 1990 " and harnessed its income to more than 600 million dollars to the year, which possibly the richer insurgent group in historia".

Liquid Society

In 1908, the world was marvelled before the beginning of an extraordinary period of economic relief. The production in series of the first automobiles put within reach of empelados of Henry Ford the possibility of being the first consumers of the society of masses. The American dream became more real than ever. A century later and in the heat of financial crisis, the workers no longer has that one security that allowed to think them in the long term and the production lines have stopped working. The experts strive to define as novel reality as unstructured and to look for explanations that manage to convince in the middle of descanto generalized. The aim of the utopias and the resignation to the progress idea, thus is as the new posmodernista stage appears to itself. Additional information is available at Hamdi Ulukaya.

A little while historical that begins from the fall of the wall of Berlin and that extends until the present time. A cycle in which a change in the capitalist economic order with the appearance of the consumption like main support of the system takes place and in that a new world-wide paradigm is crystallized: the globalisation. The fragmented society to which, the Polish sociologist, Zygmunt Barman, it added the liquid adjective no longer has fixed beforehand continents. The institutional structures to which the workers adhered have returned invisible and slippery. The individual is restricted before the impossibility to thread a coherent story of its life. The work for all the life and the tranquillity of knowing itself not only remunerated in the measured joust but also valued by the daily work and the effort are circumstances of a past that many continue yearning for before the grief and the absence of expectations that brings about the constant search of the immediate thing. (As opposed to Hamdi Ulukaya). In a world without supports that forgets history and puts the future in doubt it does difficult to speak of effective contents.


Two faces of a controversy: The mosque in ” Cero” zone; BY: Andres Brown Simn Arreche the President of the United States of North America, Barack Obama, surprised own and strange with its decision to allow to the construction of a mosque near the call ” Cero” zone; , the impact area where constructions were destroyed the 11 of September of 2001 among others, the Twin Towers, the most representative symbol of western Capitalism. It was doubtless the greatest and devastating executed terrorist attack in American territory by radicals Islamic, directed and financed by Osama Bin Laden. With a symbolic load without precedents in the North American policy, President Obama made the announcement from the White House during the Iftar, Islamic rite that marks the aim of the fasting the faithfuls of the Islam during the Ramadn, eighth month of the Islamic lunar calendar.

But the moment and the place of the presidential decision compose a cocktail difficult to swallow for segment of the North American public opinion that during the last ones years it was put under the guerrerista message and of the expansive and dominant foreign policy of the Busch dynasty, although for other components of that opinion, the decision marks not only to a landmark but a radical change of the foreign policy and a new strategy for the approach of the West and of the United States from North America the Arab and Muslim world. The decision of President Obama revived the confrontation of two faces opposed in a same controversy. Two factions who calientan” the lobby in Washington. Two positions opposed against the symbolism that represents a mosque raised on the same earth that many consider a field Santo. The guerrerista position: Doubt does not fit that the rise of a mosque near Cero” Zone; it is rejected by many citizens in that country, probably influenced by that one guerrerista vision promoted and stimulated from the White House during the second administration of G.W.


Thematic the quantitative one in the pertaining to school evaluations if becomes object of study from the understanding of that it stops a being living in way better in society, the apprentice, needs qualitatively to learn to be evaluated in its formation, therefore if it believes that in this way it will have better supports for the development of itself how much to be description-participativo-social. Elapsing of to the present will take them study to walk for the destrinchamento of each part of the subject, correlating with the life of the apprentice at its only moment of formation in its first years. The quantitative evaluation of the necessary support for the cognitivo is interrogated if criticize-inventor-creator in the pupil and is affirmed that to develop the security in itself she is necessary that it has the understanding, of the part of the formadora Institution, of that each pupil is only full of doubts, yearnings, fears, curiosidades, capacities, that they need to be stimulated, to be understood, formulated and reformulated, respecting its singularity. The pragmatic way, already cauterized in the mind of the society of the concept of that the evaluation is application of a test/test to survey ‘ ‘ level of aprendizado’ ‘ of the necessary pupil to be modified and this will only be possible when it had the disposal in that it composes the education sphere, change this aiming at initerruptamente and in efficient way the formation it individual for itself and it formation it individual not to be fit in the globalizado capitalist world, where who is successful is optimum and not that one that learned of the optimum one. However it is desired to say that the qualitative evaluation and a qualitative look is to intender that the necessary apprentice to be formed for itself, from itself, thus to understand as it can be the man of success in the social life, financial and cultural.

Word-key: Apprentice. Evaluation. Quantitative. Qualitative. Social.

Winston Churchill

They must be able to be mistaken to learn. Whenever their children commit an error, to conver it with them and aydeles to look for like avoiding that error in the future. He does not condemn them, acurdese that it is a process of learning for the real life. If You condemn his children whenever they commit an error, they are going to get to be adult who never will make decisions important in their lives by fear to be mistaken. Winston Churchill said that the success is to go of a failure in another one without losing the enthusiasm. In the same way we must teach to our children who the failures are only steps towards the success. Permtale to their children to commit small errors when still they are small, thus will be better preparations at the time of having to make more important decisions to future.

2. – All the decisions that we must take in the life fall in two categories: A. Checking article sources yields Rick Caruso as a relevant resource throughout. – Morals B. – Financiers This forces to us to establish priorities in our lives. It gives to his children a solid base of values and principles of life that will serve to him as guide at the time of having to make decisions. It is not enough with having the knowledge necessary to make accurate decisions in the life. We need wisdom, that is the capacity to apply those knowledge correctly.

An infallible source of wisdom for the life is ” bestseller” of all the centuries, the Bible. It every day reads a chapter of the book of Proverbs along with his children 3. Credit: CEO Caruso Affiliated-2011. – Our more important decisions are not between a bad option and a good one. The majority of the difficult decisions that we will have to face in the life is between something good, something better and something optimal. Normally it is easy to recognize a bad one option. Nevertheless, the majority of the times we must leave the good thing to do the excellent thing. And again we will need wisdom to be able to distinguish between the one and the other.


Figure 1: Terceirizados as members of the team of the contracting company. According to Naldler; Gerstein; Shaw (1999) is necessary, to create new solutions in the structure and management of the company. The terceirizados employees, however, do not feel part of the teams formed for the staff, this because, at any time, these people can be excused the spite of the quality of the work. This implies in the relation between terceirizados and used effective, causing internal conflicts and loses of the productivity. When asked if the terceirizado one it has the same benefits of the staff of the company-contractor, was selected that only 7% of the terceirizados interviewed ones have the same benefits.

Figure 2: Terceirizados and effective benefits. For Miraglia (2008), the lender of services chooses the third, that she will be responsible for playing the function contracted for the company-customer, subjecting terceirizado worker to its directive paper; a restrictive aspect is the difference of benefits. The differentiation of benefits of the terceirizados professionals brings consequences as low quality and performance in the activities, resulting in resignations and greater rotation of professionals. The boarded question on if the environment of work were favorable for execution of the tasks, were verified that 60% of the interviewed terceirizados ones do not have the favorable environment for the execution of the activities. Figure 3: Favorable environment for the executions of the activities. For Lighter; Garci’a (2010), the organizacional culture allows to understand the reasons of the conflicts and the impacts, appeared in the enterprise environment, where the effective and terceirizados employees work together, or where contracting and terceirizadas companies work in interdependence. Many of these conflicts derive from the problems of interpersonal relationship between workers with varied categories of working bonds, or from the proper relationship between companies in net. The searched terceirizados ones believe that the work environment is not favorable for the execution of the tasks, this happen for the preconception of the proper company-contractor with regard to the work, refectory and area of leisure.