Omsk Region Flax Production

The volume of production of flax in the agricultural sector of Russia for 4 years increased by more than 6 times. And by 2012 it is planned to increase by 13 times (up to 3.9 tonnes). In 2009, the acreage of flax in the Omsk region has reached 3,100 hectares. Seeding this crop in the current year was carried out agricultural producers Znamensky, Muromtsevsky and Bolsheukovskogo areas. The expected yield of flax – 8-10 kg / ha. Primary processing of flax is carried on flax zao Flax and the sec "Soloviev" in Znamenskoye district, a peasant farm "Arrow" Bolsheukovskogo area ip "Artemiev MI" in Muromtsevsky area. Modernization of equipment based on the Company Znamensky Flax allowed for deep processing of flax and produce highly purified fiber "Roslan.

Lnosyre, according to experts, demand, production demand in the automobile factories. Further development of the flax in the region associated with construction in the area plant medicinal cotton linen. Construction and commissioning of the plant will ensure a stable market Sales of flax fiber. And also in addition to create up to 1,5 thousand jobs, increase tax revenues to budgets of all levels up to 11 million rubles. The company will start work by end of 2009, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Omsk region. Since the production of flax – one of the promising areas in the agricultural sector of the country, farmers who grow flax, state support. The regional program "Development of flax in the Omsk region until 2012," it provides grants (for equipment for the processing of flax, for the purchase of agricultural machines, plant protection products and mineral fertilizers).

Russian State Fisheries Committee

A draft of such innovations have criticized human rights activists, the idea of comparing the mep with 'stukachestvom'. However, a similar system existed in the Soviet Union, where the student squads went to fight with poachers. When a court impose fines from the violators, 25 percent of these funds were paid to students. The same system with the 70-ies operates in the U.S., where some citizens are living through such awards. Russia plans to put a moratorium on sturgeon fishing Russian State Fisheries Committee proposed a five-year moratorium on sturgeon fishing in the Caspian sea for all littoral states. Russia will soon formally invite the neighbors across the Caspian Sea – Turkmenistan, Iran, and Azerbaijan – to announce a five-year moratorium on fishing sturgeon. 'Today the sturgeon are on the verge of extinction, this fish is the relic, it 30 million years, and if nothing is done in her defense, sturgeon have disappeared in recent memory '- the chairman of the State Committee for Fisheries Andrew deadline. According to official, Russia is ready to abandon the Caspian sturgeon catch in the current year.

However, for the moratorium requires the consent of all five littoral states: Russia, Turkmenistan, Iran, and Azerbaijan. As later stated Adviser of the Department of Conservation and breeding of aquatic biological resources the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry Tariel Mammadov, Azerbaijan is ready to support Russia's proposal for a moratorium on fishing sturgeon. In Europe and Russia returning migratory birds into the European territory of Russia after wintering in a warmer climate are beginning to return birds.

Russian Business And Global Warming

Hot, hotter In recent decades, scientists have observed many signs of rapid climate change. Across the globe are growing annual mean temperatures, rapidly melting glaciers thousands of years of the Alps, the Himalayas, Greenland. They talk about the upcoming sea-level rise of several meters. These frightening trends associated with the sharp increase in the proportion of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Studies of ice samples from Antarctica show Now that carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere as over the past 650,000 years. And even more alarming, that over the past half a century, this figure rose by a third! And the main reason for this is that mankind is burning all more fossil fuels: oil, gas, coal, etc. "The world's leading environmentalists agree that the only adequate response to the serious problem of climate change – is the systematic reduction greenhouse gases – said Alexei Kokorin, coordinator of the climate program of the Russian branch of wwf (World Wildlife Fund).

– The first real step in this direction was the signing of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which for subsequent years, has joined 181 countries (including Russia). This document, in particular, provides for the introduction of voluntary quotas for greenhouse gas (fixed at 1990 levels) and their gradual reduction. The point moves, Since 2004, when Russia joined the Kyoto Protocol, our country's participation in it was almost a formality. Largely due to the fact that quotas for CO2 emissions far exceeded the needs of domestic industry and energy.

Worldfamous Brand Watches

The history of the world-renowned brands Dupont starts since 1872 founder Simon Tissot-Dupont (Simon Tissot Dupont) had a shop which sold high-end portfolios for diplomats and businessmen. The company will soon succeed in this business. Travel bags, suitcases, purses, wallets, purses st Dupont produced in limited quantities from the skin of the highest quality. In production use only noble materials: crocodile leather, gold, silver, precious woods, gold, silver, tortoiseshell. In the 80 years the company has made its contribution to horology, creating a collection of watches that connect the refined elegance with all the ancient traditions of watchmaking. It's impossible not to find a lighter dupont, dupont pen or a watch, manufactured by st dupont.

True works of jewelry, they are all equally possess the attributes of style and quality that set them apart from their ilk. Tiny, almost imperceptible details trimmed with the care with which the hand of the master handles the bezel. Today the clock jaguar can be seen on the top showcases in specialized jewelry and watch stores more than 50 countries. Watches made of components with the highest possible quality. Used in the production of such materials as 18-karat gold and stainless steel, as well as diamonds, sapphires Glass anti-glare and straps from crocodile skin. In the hours jaguar established only Swiss movements.

Mechanisms are revised, decorated and installed manually. All watches jaguar collection "1938" manual assembly. All watches "1938" are equipped with automatic winding. Jaguar's managed to create a single style, which is reflected in any model of wristwatches. Watches Jaguar recognizable and always in demand: a unique design complemented by high functionality, easy elegance combined with comfort. Women's watch model Jaguar, as well as men differ from the hours of other brands recognizable style, but beyond that, they are more elegant and sophisticated, more diverse shape and color, many models are decorated with additional interesting details.

Business Cards

Our age – this time a general unification – the standard attempt to subject all! Impression that soon already and the man who, as we know sounds good, will no longer be perceived as and become "homo standartus – person standard. However, all fortunately not so much simple! Law of Requisite Variety states that only the system is stable, which has a certain internal variability, which makes this system degrade. Given that the whole humanity still evolving and probably will have to develop further – it can be concluded that to 'homo standartus "we're all the same we reach – the person as an individual maintained. Moreover, observing the current trends in art and culture, it seems quite clear that on the contrary all the more valuable it becomes manual labor, personal approach to products, reflecting the skills and character Individual Master. Moreover, note that the trend there is also a high-tech industries – for example in the automotive industry – we often hear: "Hand upholstery, handmade " – as a sign not so much quality, rather exclusive, and accordingly – style, which can give only the warmth of human hands.

Element of this style is representational and status information – that in its totality can be name in one word – image. Of course, nowadays part of the image of man is and his house and car, and, sorry, even the circle of relatives, friends and even health. All this is so. But consider the image in a narrower sense.

Lex Group

Find the maximum information about other Members accident – name, license plate number, place of residence, place of employment, marital status (by the way, a good way to explore), phone number, insurance company, medical institution, where victims were taken away (I hope you do not need this) 10. Set – what rights the driver in the car, the right of control or ownership of 11. Listen to your state of health, if the other parties or witnesses Accident was taken to hospital, then maybe you should go there? Maybe you are not able to adequately assess his physical condition? can you feel bad? “- and you can not give the police employee currently explanation. 12. When the traffic incident is best to enlist the support of friends who will immediately go to the place of accident, and if you need to go to the hospital, they watch how the traffic police are examined, as is recorded. 13. Advances in modern technology – will you helpers and in this situation – do not forget to arrange a casting “Who is guilty?” Among the participants an accident, with the photo – and video footage. 14.

Look at the site is documents, money bags (you never know what might happen in the confusion), whether the car is not quite kitchen knives and other prohibited items (you never know where to go with the car accident scene) 15. Sound an alarm if a participant in serious accident injury or death – it is not a joke, but a professional matter, urgently looking for a specialist, right this very second, when they realized the possibility of professional prosecution. 16. Be kept, do not react aggressively at anyone – can tomorrow, for you must be a truce, and articles about incontinence in the domestic legislation is not enough, do not use physical force to persons who show aggression towards you. 17. If your car is caught or Cossack was scratched, and my grandfather behind the wheel, be merciful to old age and poverty, most likely a lawsuit in this situation, you either material or moral satisfaction will not do. Do not waste nervous system over trifles. And I, in turn, wish you were surrounded by only a pleasant event. Be cautious and careful on the roads! And we will try to warn you from missteps and help make the right steps to a successful and comfortable life.

Merchant Research

As noted in his study of British consulting agency Merchant Research & Consulting Ltd., The whole world's nitric acid market is currently quite busy, but the demand for industrial chemicals has been steadily increases. Average annual world demand for industrial chemicals based on nitric acid sostavlet 7%. Production of industrial chemicals (mainly adipic acid, toluene diisocyanate (TDI) and nitrobenzene based on nitric acid) are concentrated mainly in Western Europe and the U.S., although in recent years the rapid expansion of their production was noted in East Asia And here in India are all rapidly (7% per year) grows market for concentrated nitric acid. In addition to consumption of concentrated nitric acid, defense industry, the product is used in the production of nitroaromatic compounds, acrylonitrile fibers, pesticides, medicines and dyes. Particularly marked increase in the consumption of nitric acid for pharmaceuticals and pesticides.

World production of nitric acid is estimated at 750-800 million tons. However, only about 15-20% nitric acid reaches the market in general. The remaining nitric acid is used by enterprises – producers of nitric fertilizers, adipic acid and other chemicals. In the foreign trade turnover is involved no more than 8-10% produced in the world of nitric acid. Nitric acid is one of the starting material for the majority of nitrogen-containing substances. Up to 75-80% nitric acid is consumed for fertilizers, such as ammonia and calcium ammonium nitrate, urea solution, ammonium nitrate, sulfate, nitrate, ammonium nitrate, magnesium, ammonium and various nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizer (excluding mono-and diammonium phosphate). Most important are the nitrates of sodium, potassium, ammonium and calcium, which are also called saltpeter. From the study "Market nitric acid, you will also learn: the application of nitric acid, the situation on the world market nitric acid; prospects for development and modern technology in the production of chemicals based on nitric acid, and more.

Shipping Rate

While the end of the newsletter includes the “if you want to be removed …” a legal matter, it is advisable to test that it works and not to forget, because it is very annoying to receive junk mail, and we are certainly not interested in who wants to be removed from the list and save traffic and time (and cost). 3. Images in the mail, like this post, the news does not have to have images stuck with MS Outlook or other mail client, since only give weight to the mail. Instead they may include images using a reference to your website. This will not fill the box or hamper their receptors download. 4.

Colors and letters is important to maintain levels of reading is important and not. Bigger not always mean better: leave an email within the boundaries of legibility and size of the receptor will facilitate the task of reading the mail and make it more pleasant and cordial. Use headings with a font size and color can make different designs, but as fair and using a complementary palette. 5. Depending on the mail content which is the target receptor and wants to communicate, the content of emails can be a price list, a promotion or an interesting text on some of their field. The best way to reason it is taking the side of the receiver and analyze what that “me” may be of interest and that is what I can bother. 6.

Shipping Rate In general, once a week is far more reasonable, although not a recipe unequivoca. Each item and target have different profiles. Talk to your customers! no one better than they know what they want. 7. I can send myself a newsletter from now! although it is armed by a professional, the better. The use of distribution lists is a very powerful and very economical in relation costo-beneficio/costo for effective impact. In DarkBlue design templates to send newsletters using our servers: many already know and benefit from it, contact us. We have a proposal according to the measure of your business. Above all things, the newsletter is a way to stay connected to their customers. A message is a courtesy, two are concerned, three … a nuisance. Use but not abuse.

What is the Right Amount?

even gossip with them about what we do not think the company or our heads … That, friends, is a lack of consistency in our life, of consistency, we must, although it seems difficult to be congruent with our beliefs, our words, our promises. The best attitude we can have: I think that if they hire us we should offer all our capabilities and greater willingness to work and for the common good of the company and ourselves, often the result is for our own benefit . If we are not happy with our jobs we must assess whether we are fulfilling that to which we committed ourselves, if we do it the right way and the amount or effort needed, if we are asked to teach lets do it, if we ask anything for what we were hired let us not if we ask about something that is not our responsibility to investigate the answer …

with all humility I say that some years ago I did this and I drive this way, and has earned me always to take more responsibility, more participation in important tasks, even more recognition from my peers and my superiors, more satisfaction in my work, mainly to learn and gain experience in more areas then served me and gives me a more complete picture of the company, and business in general, I’ve learned a lot in every area where I’ve been, and I’ve earned the trust of my superiors, which is invaluable. There are always people who do not understand this attitude, but friends, …

Major Currencies

We are pleased to have these once again with a webinar taught by Ideasforex, on this occasion Carlos will be teaching us to identify the different types of gaps that occur in the market and determine their meaning For those interested in learning about how to identify Gaps can enter this link to. Greetings to all and hope Date: Thursday December 11, 2008, 7:15 AM CDT The daily analysis Copyright 2008, Core Financial Group, Inc.. and Jason Alan Jankovsky All Rights Reserved. Night view Asia / Europe The dollar was lower The operating volumes were low The stock market was firm The day's events All times EASTERN (-5 GMT) USD Trade Balance 8:30 a.m. 8:30 a.m. USD Unemployment Claims 8:30 a.m. USD Import Prices m / m 10:35 a.m. USD Natural Gas Storage For Friday times EASTERN (-5 GMT) 8:30 a.m.

USD Core Retail Sales m / m 8:30 a.m. USD PPI m / m 8 : 30am USD Retail Sales m / m 8:30 a.m. USD Core PPI m / m 9:55 a.m. UOM USD Consumer Sentiment 9:55 a.m. Preliminary Inflationary Expectations USD UOM Preliminary 10:00 a.m. USD Business Inventories m / m The greenback was under pressure in the morning, and reached new lows during the night. At the beginning of the session in New York, the greenback reached lows against most currencies, in what was a technical trade. In the EURO were observed active bids, New York recorded highs in the 1.3232 area, and the lowest in the Asian session in the 1.3000 area.